How to Navigate Conspiracies in Social Media

How to Navigate Conspiracies in Social Media

Is it me, or are there more conspiracy theories? They are so abundant on social media. People difficulty distinguishing between what is fact and what is opinion. People I consider reasonable, intelligent, or reasonably intelligent share theories once only spoken in the shadows or the fringes. I am not the gatekeeper to either group. And […]

My Last Fun Weekend in 2020 Before the Pandemic

my last fun weekend in New York

New York City Here I Come I flew on a crowded plane from Kansas City to New York City. I drank wine and enjoyed a massage in the Detroit airport terminal and sat in several restaurants and laughed with friends in person. My hotel was beautiful. It overlooked three bridges and had a balcony. Every […]

Island Hop Day Trip from Greece to Turkey

Island Hop Greece

One of the luxuries of visiting the Mediterranean is being able to island-hop between them. Cruise ships, private yachts, and ferries herd crowds of people from one ancient wonder to the next. But if you’re up for an adventure, ditch the Greek Isles for a day trip to Turkey on a speedboat over to Bodrum. […]

22 Things to Consider Post Quarantine

Duffelbagspouse Mask Wearing

I’ve seen how the past two months in quarantine affected my little part of the world? And like you, my whole world has shrunk to about 10-square miles. The past two months have had their challenges, and again, like you, every aspect of my life has been impacted. Here are 22 things to consider with a post quarantine world…

Why this Military Spouse Says Wearing a Mask is Patriotic

Duffelbagspouse Mask Wearing

Why this Military Spouse Says Wearing a Mask is Patriotic I went to the grocery store today. And I was terrified. How far have I fallen in such a short time frame? I’ve traveled all over the world. A lot of it solo. I’ve swum in the ocean in Thailand, not knowing if I could […]

It’s not About Perfection— The Intention is Important

The intention is Important. That’s why I woke up this morning at 5 am. This woman named Lynn Goldberg from the Breethe Meditation app broke into my sleep. I sat up in bed, groggily contemplating my blessings. Then with intent, I walked to the meditation space in my smaller spare bedroom and began to meditate. […]

My Covid-19 Resolutions for 2020

My Covid-19 Resolutions for 2020

This is suppose to be a time of rediscovery, right? It’s day 51 and all the promises I made to use this time at home to better myself is ending up on the pile of past New Years Resolutions. Sure, it came from a place of good intentions. But it turns out that place, like my hair salon, is off-limits. Here is the shortlist of the winners and works in progress Covid-19 Resolutions for 2020 I made on Day 1.