Mansion 5 Hanok Cafe: Daegu’s Best Brunch

Mansion5 Brunch Cafe Downtown Daegu

Mansion 5 is a beautiful Hanok Cafe in the heart of downtown Daegu. Like other hanok cafes in the area, it serves desserts. But unlike the other hanok cafes I’ve visited, Mansion 5 also serves American-style brunch, beer, wine, pasta, sandwiches, and salads. All the above makes Mansion 5 Hanok Cafe one of Daegu’s Best […]

Guangzhou Walking Tour and Long Layover

How to Select a Good Tour Guide

The tour lasted a little over 4 hours and ended with lunch in a popular dim sum restaurant. Long layovers provide a chance to see things you might otherwise never see. Walking tours with a local are the closest thing to living like a local for a few hours and may end up being a highlight of your entire trip.

Yangnyeongsi Oriental Medicine Museum in Daegu

Yangnyeongsi Oriental Medicine Museum in Daegu Mural

I’ve had cut through the courtyard of the Daegu Yangnyeongsi Museum of Oriental Medicine many times in the past two years. But I had never even thought about venturing past the love locks that adorn a metal teapot at the entrance until today. And I was pleasantly surprised that the museum was so educational, entertaining, […]

The Best Hiking Trails are in Daegu South Korea

You’ll climb, you’ll pant heavily, sweat, and curse your way through some of the most beautiful scenery, temples, and vistas you’ll ever see. And you’ll find humility on the side. Eighty-year-old men pass you by with their hands behind their backs. But you’ll be rewarded because Daegu, South Korea, has some of the best hiking […]

Hahoe Folk Village Traditional Home Stay in Andong, South Korea

Hahoe Folk Village (1)

Stay in a hanok at Hahoe Folk Village Stay. A hanok is a traditional house built on a philosophy of Korean ancestors who sought a life of harmony, piety and simplicity. Hanks are traditional made of elements like earth, wood, rock and other natural materials. Hanoks are excellent examples of sustainable architecture that benefit man and the environment.

Daegu Arboretum–An Eco-friendly Reclaimed Landfill

arboretum in Daegu

Daegu Arboretum is the first of its kind. Its the first landfill project in the country to be reconstructed as an eco-friendly park. The park is almost a square mile and includes more than 1,000 varieties of trees, wildflowers, cacti, and medicinal herbs. In addition, there are bonsai, ponds, fountains, and groves of bamboo and fruit […]

Daegaya Museum in Goryeong


I woke up in the morning with the sun already high in the sky. One of the first warm days signalling spring was on the way made it impossible for me to stay inside. It’s strawberry season in Goryeong, which is the capital of the former Daegaya Dynasty. It’s also home to the Daegaya Museum and Burial Tombs and a fantastic day trip to combine my love of history while enjoying the warm day and blue skies.