Tips for the First-time Travelers

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Make sure you leave time in your itinerary and day-to-day schedule to wander and wonder. Giving yourself time and permission to get lost means you’ll be free to discover hidden gems and sights that aren’t on your map. Leave time to explore, strike up conversations, and lose yourself in the experience. It’s a chance to be whoever we wan to be for awhile. Use your imagination and whip out an alter ego you’ve been working on.

The Taj Mahal Restaurant in Daegu

Indian food at Taj Mahal

The tandoori chicken was the absolute star of the show. It might have been the best tandoori chicken I’ve ever had. It was that good. It was juicy and the seasoning went all the way to the bone. I had orange fingers for the rest of the day. That chicken is the main reason, I’ll go back to the Taj Mahal.

How to Visit a Buddhist Temple

how to visit a temple

Do not touch the monks unless you ask or they touch you first. This is especially true for women. You should also be aware, some temples are not open to women. Do not be offended. Women were allowed in these temples at one time. Women were banned because they menstruate, soiling the mats. Unfortunately the modern day conveniences of tampons has had no effect on the prohibition. Women are still considered “unclean”.

Brunch at La Mia Emily

Brunch at La Mia Emily

Brunch is served from 11-1 pm daily and cost 11,500 Won per person. Brunch includes eggs (cooked your way or scrambled with/ without bacon), hash browns, sausage and bacon, tossed salad, toast or bagel, fresh fruit and your choice of coffee or juice. Today we had sliced bananas and oranges. Merline enjoyed an Americano and I had a caramel macchiato under a blue sky and a comfy blanket.

Jindo Miracle Sea Parting Festival

Jindo Miracle Sea Parting Festival-01

The “road” is less than 200 feet wide and 1.7 miles long and will recede exposing a land bridge. You’ll have 90 minutes to make the journey there and back before you’ll be swept away by the returning tide.

PCS Military Housing Decorating Tips

Bali home decor

Military life is colorful, but military housing is not! Your rental or on-post housing will most likely pair beige carpeting with white walls. A combination creating a 360° panorama of ho-hum. The typical military PCS every 2-3 years. Home decorating tips for the military spouse needs to make your temporary digs feel homely– cheap and […]

How Top Blogging Skills Can Help You Conquer the Global Market

Unlock the Secrets: How Top Blogging Skills Can Help You Conquer the Global Market

Blogging skills include writing, technical, creative marketing, time management, budgeting– developing a social media strategy in the global marketplace. In one of my previous posts. I thought blogging hadn’t added to my duffel bag of skills. However, this is not true.

Anything Goes When Traveling with Kids

traveling with kids- Ashley

A family getaway can sometimes be much less idyllic than it sounds. Children are very active by nature, which can result in a trip that’s more work than relaxation. Travel is hard and traveling with kids is even harder. If you treat your trip like an adventure, annoyances, missteps and mishaps simply become small obstacles for your hearty band of explorers to overcome.