Army Wives- How to Avoid Becoming a Cliche

Army Wives- How to Avoid Becoming a Cliche

Moving every three years to another duty station is something we all have plenty of experience dealing with, packing up, and moving away from our friends, jobs, daily routines, etc.  But we can do a few things to ensure that we represent ourselves well and get the most out of every new assignment while developing […]

11 Observations of a Black World Traveler

Observations of a Black Traveler

Nope, not even close. Although… even though I am NOT rich, I may be the only black person they meet and I want to leave a positive impression. I often feel the need to over tip or otherwise over-compensate for my skin color. Its totally unnecessary because I’m not a hotel pig, I find myself doing things like straightening up the room so the maids don’t see any mess.

Saying Goodbye Every Three Years in the Military

Observations of a Black Traveler

There are too many goodbyes in the military. It was barely 5 amβ€” soldiers’ time. The ground was wet and the air was damp from the early morning dew. We sat in the comfort of our Honda. The heat at full blast. And the radio was silent. Many of the soldiers from his unit were […]

Everyone Says They’ll Visit When You Live Abroad

orbicular plant on desk

You’ve read all the articles about what it takes to decorate for house guests. How we make it look like a hotel room for visitors. And I’m here to tell you that if your guests are coming to stay in luxury you should book them a suite at the nearest 5-star hotel. But if you […]

15 Things Military Spouses Won’t Say Out Loud

Here is a short list of some of the conversations with OTHER military spouses, most of which we wish we could say to our husbands, but often don’t. I bet each and every one of you has said a few of the following or wished you could.

Book a Budget Island Escape: Kos, Greece via Ryanair

Traveling to Kos Greece

Exploring the Affordable Side of Paradise with Ryanair’s Deals Greece was the most visited destination via Ryanair. And the island of Kos was one of our favorite destinations in Greece. We went anytime the price dropped to less than $100 for the three of us. Yes, I said we flew from Germany to Greece for […]

Gibraltar: Is it Spain or the United Kingdom?

monkey in Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a small English territory that straddles the edge of Spain and the Strait of Gibraltar, a 9 miles stretch of ocean that separates the continents of Europe and Spain. An entry point from which the Moors from Morocco sailed and conquered most of Southern Spain now known as Andalusia. This post is sponsored […]

Group Tours Offer Value for First-Time Travelers

Group tour to Juifen Taiwan

If you know me, you know I’m no fan of the most group tours or package tours. I am a visual person and I consider the research the first leg of the tour. I like all the possibilities for intrigue, the flexibility to get off the beaten path, and getting to know the locals. However, […]