Reflecting on My First Time as a Podcast Guest

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My First Podcast Guest Appearance: A Travel Pivot

I recently leaped from my comfort zone by participating in my first podcast guest appearance. This was a new challenge for me, as someone who typically finds solace behind the camera rather than in front of it. Despite my initial reservations, the experience turned out to be surprisingly enjoyable. It has ignited an interest in exploring more opportunities like this, perhaps even venturing into creating more content for my own YouTube channel. If I do, I’ve identified some areas of my personal appearance, performance, setup that I need to improve before my next podcast appearance.

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First Podcast Guest Appearance: Hair and Makeup

I decided to remove my braids a few days prior, a decision I later regretted. A fresh set of braids would have enhanced my appearance for the podcast. In addition, my makeup could have been more subtle and translated better in the video. I don’t know what I was thinking; I regret not taking more time and energy into it. Looking at the inaugural podcast guest spot was difficult for me because, honestly, I looked like a mess.

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Outfit: What to Wear

Comfort was my priority when choosing an outfit, which led me to opt for a patterned top. However, in retrospect, a solid, tailored top would have been a better choice. A flattering color in a solid pattern tends to look more professional and less distracting on screen.

Debut on a Podcast Episode: Setting the Scene

I want to say my appearance was my biggest mistake. But it was just one of many. The backdrop plays a crucial role in enhancing the visual appeal of a podcast. Unfortunately, I overlooked leaving the closet door open behind me. This mistake resulted in an unattractive dark void. A better choice would have been a simple, uncluttered backdrop. It ensures the lighting is clear and bright, making the overall view more engaging. I didn’t think ahead and organize my environment enough to be visually appealing.

Presence: Staying in Frame

Maintaining a steady position on camera is crucial. SInce it was my podcast guest appearance, I didn’t know I shouldn’t move so much. Unfortunately, I moved too much, occasionally drifting out of the frame. This was distracting, especially since the host remained consistently in view. A more centered, stable posture is essential for a professional appearance.

Technical Checks: Sound and Video Quality

Ensuring the technical aspects, like sound and video quality, are in order can make a big difference. Although the host conducted a mic check, I overlooked testing my internet connection. This oversight led to occasional choppy videos, detracting from the overall experience.

Preparation: Staying on Topic

A clear outline of subjects I wanted to discuss would have been incredibly helpful. While I was familiar with the content, a checklist could have prevented lapses in conversation and the dreaded “umms” and “ahhs.” Being prepared helps maintain a smooth flow of dialogue.

Engagement: Eye Contact and Expressions

Making eye contact and monitoring facial expressions can significantly enhance viewer engagement. I found myself making unusual faces and closing my eyes while thinking. Practicing in front of a mirror could help in managing these unconscious habits.

One lesson I learned was the importance of breathing and collecting my thoughts before speaking. Since my first podcast guest appearance wasn’t live, any awkward silences or missteps could be edited in post-production. This realization could have eased my anxieties about speaking fluidly and eliminated some of the uncomfortable facial expressions.

Looking Ahead

Reflecting on my podcast guest appearance, I’ve learned crucial lessons for the future. Every detail matters, from how I present myself to the technical setup, for a podcast to succeed. Armed with this knowledge, I’m excited to explore this field more. It might even lead me to host my own show. The journey is just starting, and the possibilities are exciting. As my enthusiasm grows, I’m eager to share my stories and insights with a video audience. The path ahead is filled with opportunities for personal and professional growth. I’ve realized the importance of minimizing distractions to communicate my passion for travel.

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