How to Make Friends in the Blogging World

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I’ve met some really nice people on the Internet. A few of them have even made it off virtual reality into my true reality. And a couple of them are friends who blog too. Surprisingly, making friends in the blogging world isn’t much unlike making friends at work, school or the gym. People find jobs and true love on the Internet. Why not true blogging friends?

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How to Make Friends in the Blogging World

Just say hi. Even if you have to make the first move. So be yourself. Being genuine and honest encourages the same in return. However, there is a little bit of anonymity knowing you may never see them in real time. But I’ve made a couple of good friends who blog because someone reached out to me or visa versa. If you like their blog or comments on your blog, there’s a good chance you’ll like them too.

Leave Relevant Comments

Nothing gets me more excited than when I see someone has left a comment on one of my posts. Especially if that person really took the time to leave a relevant, thought-provoking or encouraging comment. I try to respond to all comments. But I love to reciprocate in kind. It makes me smile when I see a “regular”. Consequently, readers who comment often tend to be more inciteful, offering value for their time. Sounds like an open door to a possible friendship to me.

Recognize Sincerity

Don’t try to deceive. If all you want is someone to trade comments, say so. And just because someone comments on your blog, doesn’t mean they want to be friends. You need decipher their motives for engaging with you and respond accordingly. Don’t send a friend request under false pretenses. And yes, it will come out in the end. Thus putting an end to any chance of a genuine friendship.

Agree to Grab a Coffee

If you live in the same town, agree to meet for a quickie. Coffee at an Internet cafe or coffee shop is a safe and innocent place to see if you have a real connection. Maybe you both like yoga or hiking. I’ve met several friends who blog over a good hike or a glass of wine.

Go to Conventions

And don’t just sit by yourself. Engage with other bloggers. Find out things you have in common, but don’t leave it there. Share details about your life. Show interests through body language, eye contact, and smiles. Lean in and be engaged. You may have posts you both can share or make future collaborations.


Find a blog you love. Reach out and see if you can work together. It’s just like any other job where some of your co-workers just click. They say imitation is the highest form of compliment. And that’s fine. But make sure you are respectful. Get inspired, but don’t steal an entire idea and make it your own. No one likes that. Give them a shoutout or share their post with your readers. Remember, no two bloggers are alike. And no matter how competitive the platform is, there’s room for us all.

Keep in Touch

Finally, we all get busy. It’s important with any friends to stay connected. And with many of my friendships, if I don’t have time to visit or phone, I’ll send a text. I love to check up on friends from time to time to just say hi or I’m thinking about them. This simple gesture can turn an Internet friendship into a real-time one.

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    1. Stacey A. Peters

      Yes, unfortunately, if you are married to someone who doesn’t understand, it can make it harder to succeed. He is generally supportive, in most things, but this really gets under his skin when he thinks it takes away from his time or his experiences, so I have to make a lot of compromises.

  1. Becca Wilson

    Some of the best people have been the ones that I have met in the blogging world. You can make some really great lifelong friends.

    1. Stacey

      It’s the same way in the military. because our friendship is not cemented in proximity, we learn to appreciate each other with our words more often than what we do for one another. You can build a very solid and deep friendship once you get past surface stuff.

  2. Jennifer L

    Ive definitely made lots of friends who are bloggers themselves. It really helps to have a community around you who gets the grind of being a blogger. I’ve met most of my blogger friends in blogger groups or conventions.

    1. duffelbagspouse

      I totally understand and agree. Hopefully you connect with someone who takes the time to get to know you.

  3. aurora

    Making blogging friends has always been hard for me, since the things I blog about are different than what everybody is blogging about. Your post has given me hope though. lol

  4. Sarah Kasulke

    This is a really great article! I am new in the blogging world and I am just trying to figure all of this stuff out. I have noticed some blogs I visit regularly that I really really like and some that are just kinda commenting bc they are on a thread. I have wondered a few times about what is appropriate to say and do and you def shed some light on that for me Thanks for sharing this is really great advice

  5. Aimee Geroux

    Yes, yes, yes! It is so important to make friends in this world of blogging which for the most part is a very solo/lonely job. Having those connections, tribes of support, and cheerleaders really helps. I have made some life long friends from blogging!

  6. Jessica Hughes

    I have a few very dear blogger friends and we work together on collaborations as well as spend time together “in real life”. I think it has been one of the best benefits of blogging!

  7. Adriana Lopez

    Most definitely being supportive to the blogging community and your own blogging peers makes you nice friends with whom you can connect attending events and conventions. Thanks for the reminder =)

  8. Sola

    Blogging, like every other industry, is all about who you know. It’s also great to have people who can relate to a blogging lifestyle. Not everyone understands needing to come home and write or tweet or ‘gram. Great article! I learned a lot.

  9. Gladys Parker

    There are many people I have met on the internet who I keep in touch with. Even some who no longer blog. We keep in touch via telephone since they live in states far away from me. Honestly it is sometimes hard to respond to some comments but I always try to stay upbeat and friendly!

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