Dead on the Autobahn- How I Killed My Husband’s BMW

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BOOM and a puff of smoke. Was that us?? A moment later the car died on the side of the road. I coasted the once mobile BMW down the hill and off the autobahn near Saarbrucken. Get out of the car I screamed at the top of my lungs– to myself. Because both my companions were standing on the opposite side of the road. They were screaming at the top of their lungs for ME to get out of the car. Dead on the Autobahn is the story of how I killed my husband’s car.

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Dead on the Autobahn

The Day I Killed My Husband’s Car

I found out that day our friendship ended with the proposition of dying in a fiery inferno. With friends like that, you know the rest. It took me an eternity to get out of the seatbelt and join them. We all stood there, shocked and silent, as the beautiful car melted into a giant black puddle before our eyes!! I called Steven first. But seriously, what was he gonna do? He was in Afghanistan. He suggested I call a mutual friend and mechanic who also worked in the motor pool. Thankfully, he answered the phone, and he and his wife were able to come to our rescue.

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GPS location

With the help of a gas station attendant, we pushed the car into an empty space at the rear of the gas station until I could figure out how to get it home. And luckily there was a salvage yard on the base. They only charged me a flat rate of $100 to tow the car to the BMW mechanic on Baumholder. I didn’t know exactly where we were. But I was able to describe the exit. Low and behold this guy knew exactly where the car died on the Autobahn.

Oh, the irony when I went to his office while he was reading the Stars and Stripes. I said that’s me, I wrote that. He was shocked. He asked me to sign his issue of the magazine. I think that was my 8th or 9th signature to date. I left the salvage yard thinking “my celebrity” got me a great deal. Not, he charged everyone the same thing based on his knowledge of the area. The Germans would have charged me an arm and a leg because they charge by the mile– regardless of who you are.

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Check the Gauges

The next day, I had the BMW towed back to base. But there was nothing even the Germans and all their automobile expertise could do for that car. It got so hot, the bolts holding the engine together had melted right through the engine block. And from what I now understand that’s pretty damn hot.

Turns out those gauges are very important. If I had paid attention, I would have learned the car was extremely low on oil. They graciously stored the car until my husband returned six months later. After that, we sold it for scraps and pocketed $500. Abracadabra, $6000 GONE just like that (two snaps up and two snaps down).

A Husband’s Betrayal

Tell Me How You Really Feel

But that’s not what I’m shocked about. Today, I found out my husband has been lying to me for years. He has been deceiving me about that ill-fated day, something that upset us both. Him probably more than me because I don’t fall in love with a car so easily. He’s been telling me one thing and his friends and coworkers something entirely different about death on the Autobahn. And I had no idea.

I had no freaking idea he felt that way. That he was hurt or angry or that he could, at one time, been mad at me. He told me what happened was not my fault. He told me that it happened every day and that it could happen to anyone. Turns out it doesn’t happen very often at all and that it was all my fault. He lied to me to spare my feelings. He lied to me because there was nothing he could do to change the outcome. And he lied to me because a little smoke is not worth arguing about. He lied to me because he loves me. But most of all, he lied to me because what was done was and he figured I’d never know the truth.

Yup, I Fu@%ed up

He knew I was coming to bring him lunch today. He just didn’t expect me so early. Better yet, his co-worker, who shares an office out of sight of the front door, didn’t expect me so early. But when I walked into the office, they were having a very animated conversation. I heard bits and pieces… dead on the Autobahn… fu@%ed up… nice car… wife… read the gauges.

It didn’t take long to figure out they were talking about me and the car I carelessly blew up on the Autobahn. A car that was beautiful and oh what a shame it’s a piece of crap now because I didn’t pay any attention to the gages. Those gages that should have told me the car was overheating. Before I heard what sounded like an explosion or saw the smoke fog up my windshield.

I heard my husband say it didn’t surprise him that I jumped into the car and never looked at the dash. He talked about the string of car troubles I’ve had over the years– a total loss car accident involving both our cars and a few times when I ran out of gas with money in my pocket. I’d heard enough, so I popped my head in the door.


As I turned the corner, I saw the co-worker’s eyes turn into flying saucers. He tried to quiet my husband without being obvious to me. He was winking his eyes while making a slight cutting motion across his throat. But my hubby wasn’t taking the hints. So you can imagine the surprise on my husband’s face. Open mouth, insert foot. And he tried, unsuccessfully, to play it off.

525896_436273283070207_1757097128_n Dead on the Autobahn- How I Killed My Husband's BMW

A New BMW 

We never made it to CORA that day. Instead, we spent that beautiful sunny day under an umbrella. We snacked on cappuccinos and German eis at a cute little eis salon in the middle of nowhere. CORA would have to wait until next week.

Rebecca drove.

As for Steven. He fell in love again. This time to a cute little silver BMW. I don’t drive it much. But when I did, I made sure to check the gauges, repeatedly, every single time I drove her. And when we left, he sold to another soldier for the same price he paid for it. It’s all good!!

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  1. Surekha Busa

    That is such a terrifying incident and I am glad that everyone is okay and I am happy for having a new car.

  2. Jess

    What a crazy story. It’s definitely important to keep an eye on dash lights, even though they can be quite misleading sometimes! So glad you all made it out ok!

    1. duffelbagspouse

      Lol I know, I was so excited that day. That’s tge main reason I overlooked it. I’ve learned my lesson for sure.

    1. duffelbagspouse

      Just the poor car. I felt bad when I found out how much he liked that car and I am much more careful now.

  3. Devyani Ray

    OMG- that is so scary. I am so glad you all are safe. I have been hearing about the teslas bursting in flames!

    1. duffelbagspouse

      Good grief, I hadn’t heard that before. But we’re okay now— he has forgiven me— well I haven’t overheard anything different. Lol

  4. TessaG

    I used to work on my own vehicles a lot, which started when I owned my first older motorcycle. I can tell you from not only my experience, but my mechanic’s (a friend of my Dad’s from Holland who coincidentally moved to the same town in Canada that we were in), and now my son who is a car mechanic that dash lights are NOT RELIABLE. My brake warning lights never came on before the callipers seized completely once. They never came on on a cross-country camping trip even after I started to hear grinding and crawled under the car myself and saw the badly deteriorated rotors, and it didn’t come on after someone hit my car without my knowledge puncturing the A/C compressor, destroying the rebar in the front of the car, and also damaging the rad causing my car to overheat. I’ve also had check engine lights that my mechanic disconnected because we never found anything wrong with the car after repeatedly reading it. Cars should NOT overheat that fast, and subsequently blow up, and my ex was military too – everything was always my fault and he couldn’t stand up for me to save his life. Don’t blame yourself girl!!! It wasn’t your fault!

  5. Natalia

    Something like that happened to someone parking his car in front of my windows. I couldn’t see anything but smoke, it was a bit terrifying!

  6. Coombe Mill - Fiona

    What a shock to the system. I would have been so scared with the car catching fire like that. thank goodness you got out safely. I’m pleased to hear your husband now has a new love of his life!

  7. Kita Roberts

    I am glad that in the end everything worked out for you. It must have been terrifying to have happen. And I am sure he didn’t want you to feel worse than you already did.

  8. Alexandra

    You are a great writer!! I wasn’t sure where this story was going for a moment, but I did enjoy reading it 🙂

  9. Anne Yedlin

    Oh my goodness. I’m glad you made it out of the car safe and sound but sad that it melted away. As for the husband lol I may not have stood by so calmly while he spoke to his friends…

    Just remember, the car can always be replaced but you my dear can’t. Remember the important things and let your car insurance take care of the rest 😉

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