Homi Hosi Cafe: Modern and Traditional Hanok in Gyeongsan South Korea

Gyeongsan is one of my favorite places to go to cafe hop. And Homi Hosi Cafe is a good one to check out on your next caffeine run. Step inside the massive wooden lift and slide door at Homi Hosi (also spelled homihosi) Cafe. In this Daegu suburb, you’ll immediately immerse yourself in a world where modern elegance seamlessly fuses with traditional charm. The combination creates something quite timeless. This unique cafe in Gyeongsan offers a delightful experience. It’s where the past and present come together to create a captivating atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression.

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Homi Hosi Cafe in Gyeongsan

The cafe’s entrance is impressive, resembling a concrete or stone wall, creating an aura of mystery as if you’re discovering a hidden passage. Once inside, the spaciousness adds to its cool yet homey ambiance. It’s worth noting that the decor may seem mismatched for the space, but I appreciate this eclectic decor nonetheless. Guests with kids will appreciate that it doesn’t feel overly decorated.

The spaciousness, however, doesn’t cater well to a full cafe or accommodate kids comfortably. My only complaint. When we arrived, it was a soothing space, but an hour later, it became quite loud. This is because the cafe’s design features many hard surfaces that don’t absorb the noisy chatter or pitter patter of playful kids.


Cafe in Gyeongsan Korea

The first thing that immediately captured my attention was the remarkable level of detail in this charming cafe. It boasts meticulously crafted concrete walls, polished concrete floors, brick stadium seating, and wooden ceilings. All of which harmoniously contrast with a stunning Hanok-style wooden roof. Enormous windows offer a view of a serene enclosed courtyard with a reflecting pool and a water fountain. The sound of water splashing and the lush view provide a refreshing contrast to the raucous conversations inside.

Outdoor Courtyard and Pool

Homi Hosi is a gallery-like space in harmony with nature. Numerous outdoor seating options are available. Lush greenery surrounds the enclosed courtyard. However, the centerpiece of the courtyard is the massive concrete table. The large seating area is partially shaded from the sun. It is a great place to relax on the terrace when the weather isn’t too hot or cold.

Yummy Snacks

Back inside, you’ll find a delightful assortment of refreshments. While the selection could have been more extensive, there were several tasty options. Ultimately, we decided on the milk crepe cake, accompanied by a medley of strawberry, grape, and kiwi, along with an iced Americano and orange grapefruit aid. The crepe cake was deliciously light, with abundant fresh cream and fruit. We love most of the desserts in Korea because they are moderately sweet. The prices of the drinks and desserts were also quite reasonable.

Kids are welcomed, dogs are not, and there is ample parking available out front. The cafe operates daily from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., with the last order being accepted at 9:00 p.m.

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Homi-Hosi-Cafe-in-Gyeongsan-South-Korea_20231110_102632_0000-519x692 Homi Hosi Cafe: Modern and Traditional Hanok in Gyeongsan South Korea

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