An Afternoon at the Flat Creek Winery and Vineyard


Lunch Overlooking the Rolling Hills of Kansas

We arrived just in time. There was a wine tour van, parked in front of the winery, engine running. We assumed they were keeping the cabin cooled for a tour. And we were right. Ten to twelve people filed past us as we entered the front door. Most, if not all, were carrying two to three wines. Some carried cases. I figured we were in the right place. The Winery at Flat Creek is beautiful. And a great place to meet some new friends. We enjoyed the wine tasting, walking through the vineyard, and lunch overlooking the rolling hills.

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Flat-Creek-Winery-front-gate An Afternoon at the Flat Creek Winery and Vineyard

Flat Creek Winery and Vineyard

Flat Creek Winery & Vineyard opened in 1998, owner Madeleine said she models the vineyard on European traditions which I can taste in the Texas Hill Country Rose, a dry wine reminiscent of Provence. She seemed pleased, saying that Southern France was their inspiration for the Rose. They traveled there often.

Flat-Creek-Winery-Fountain-1024x768 An Afternoon at the Flat Creek Winery and Vineyard

Flat-Creek-Winery-Patio-1024x768 An Afternoon at the Flat Creek Winery and Vineyard

The Vineyard

Sangiovese, Tempranillo, and Pinot Grigio are just of a few of the grape varietals grown on the vineyard located in the beautiful hill country of central Texas outside Austin, TX. They also purchase some grapes from other growers, but all the wines originate in Texas.

Madeleine poured our next wine choice before rushing off to give a tour of the facilities to some visiting wine club members.

Flat-Rock-Winery-Steven-1024x768 An Afternoon at the Flat Creek Winery and Vineyard

Flat-Creek-Winery-Private-Room-1024x768 An Afternoon at the Flat Creek Winery and Vineyard

The Tasting Room

The tasting room at Flat Creek is lovely. There is a private tasting room, gift shop, and patio. Next door at the bistro you can enjoy a meal prepared in a wood-fired oven.

Our server, Amanda, was upbeat and delightful, but she did not give us any information about the pricing or wine club membership. I had to ask. Flat Creek offers wine club price discounts of either 15-20%, private tours, and wedding or private venue opportunities. Tastings include 6 wines for $15 and unfortunately, there isn’t a military discount. The first wines their featured wine, Dolcetto 2016, a dry white wine. Then you can choose from the remaining 10 wines which are separated into two categories: Crisp & Refreshing Whites and Serious & Complex Reds.

My Favorite

I sampled the Reserve Pinot Grigio, Rose, Viognier, Blanc du Bois, and Reserve Syrah. Yes, I am normally a red wine drinker, but this New Yorker is still getting used to the heat, and white wines are so refreshing. I’m happy to report I only disliked the Blanc du Bois. It was too floral even for this girly girl.

I loved the Viognier with hints of apricot and mango. It was delicious and I’d happily drink it again and again. It is definitely more cost-effective to order a bottle and have them uncork it there than to order two glasses as we did. For a few dollars more, we could have enjoyed a glass or two back at home too, which I wish we would have been reminded.

Ask for a sample of either the Sparkling Raspberry or Sparkling Almond. We were lucky to sit next to new friends Anna and Linda who requested a sample from their server. I gotta say, they are both yummy, but that Sparkling Almond has a slight resemblance to Amaretto. It’s not heavy– crisp. but sweet taste lingers on the tip of your tongue.

Flat-Creek-Winery-WIne-Glasses-768x1024 An Afternoon at the Flat Creek Winery and Vineyard

By the way

You may be interested to know that Flat Creek also operates an urban wine bar too. It’s still located in Marble Falls. The Enoteca features live music, wine tastings, and rustic food from their wood-fired oven. Reservations are encouraged. The Enoteca is located at 112 US Hwy 281 in Marble  Falls, TX 78654. Call 512-267-631 for reservations.

The estate is located at 24912 Singleton Bend E. in Marble Falls, TX 78654. For more information go to

Flat-Creek-Winery-and-Vineyard-519x778 An Afternoon at the Flat Creek Winery and Vineyard

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