Snap Safely: How Technology Can Make Selfies Safer

With every click, we share a piece of our world with friends and followers. However, the quest for the perfect selfie has led to some crazy and dangerous behavior. But are likes and followers really worth the danger?

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Selfies are a big part of our daily lives. We share a piece of our world with friends and followers with every click. However, the quest for the perfect selfie has led to some crazy and dangerous behavior. It’s sad to see how many people get hurt or lose their lives trying to take a risky selfie. It’s important to stay safe and think twice before taking chances just for a photo. But is it worth the danger?

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Luckily, new technologies and apps are here do what some of can’t do for ourselves. From geofencing to AR filters, these innovations keep us safe while capturing our favorite moments. We can make selfies safe again and have fun snapping photos without risking our lives.

The Risks of Selfies

Selfies have become so popular that people often ignore safety to get the perfect shot. According to Alexandrea Sumuel with Wealth of Geeks via AP, “Of the 379 selfie-related deaths worldwide between 2008 and 2021, 37.2 percent were travelers, as opposed to locals. Falls from height made up 49.9 percent of all deaths, followed by transport-related (28.4 percent) and drownings (15.3 percent)”.

In addition, the average age of selfie victims during this period was 24.4 years. Women were more likely to suffer fatal injuries from falls and animal encounters, while men were more often killed in transport-related incidents. The countries with the most selfie deaths were India (26.4%), the United States (10.3%), and Russia (8.7%).

This shows a clear need for better safety measures when taking selfies. I’ve seen it myself, but up until now, I only shook my head. That’s not proactive enough, so here are safe selfie tips for taking great selfies that are fun, fabulous, and, most importantly, safe. Here are a few apps that will allow us to snap those pics without the risk and keep the focus on fun!

Technological Solutions for Safe Selfies


Geofencing uses GPS to create virtual boundaries around dangerous areas. Apps can send alerts when users enter these zones, warning them to be careful. For example, popular tourist spots like cliffs, waterfalls, and rooftops can have geofences to remind people not to take selfies in risky locations.

Safety Alerts

Some smartphones and apps now come with built-in safety alerts. These alerts can detect when a person is near a dangerous area and suggest safer spots for photos. The technology can also recognize risky behaviors, such as leaning over ledges or standing too close to moving vehicles.

Augmented Reality (AR) Filters

AR filters are fun and can add special effects to photos. But they can also promote safety. Some apps use AR to show safe zones for taking selfies or to superimpose fun backgrounds, reducing the need to seek out dangerous locations for a unique shot.


Drones offer a safe way to capture stunning photos from great heights without putting yourself at risk. Instead of standing on a cliff edge, you can use a drone to take aerial shots, ensuring both safety and spectacular views.

Safety Education Apps

Several apps are here to make selfie safety fun and easy. Packed with tips, videos, and interactive content, these apps teach you how to snap pics without risking your life. Spread the word and join the selfie safety movement!

Examples of Safe Selfie Technology

  • SaferSelfies: This app uses geofencing and safety alerts to guide users away from dangerous areas. It also provides tips on taking better and safer selfies.
  • SnapSafe: SnapSafe uses AR filters to highlight safe zones and warn users of potential hazards. The app also includes a feature that recognizes risky behaviors and suggests safer alternatives.
  • Drone Selfie Pro: I love my drone for shots that are questionably safe. Drone Selfie Pro is an app that connects with drones to take beautiful aerial photos. It includes tutorials on safe drone operation and photo techniques.

Encouraging Safe Behavior

While technology can help, promoting a culture of safety is equally important. Here are a few tips to encourage safe selfie practices:

  • Spread Awareness: Share stories and tips about safe selfies on social media. Use hashtags like #SafeSelfie and #SnapSafely to reach a wider audience.
  • Respect Rules and Guidelines: Follow safety signs and guidelines in tourist areas. They are there to protect you.
  • Be a Role Model: If you’re an influencer or have a significant following, promote safe selfie practices. Show that safety can still lead to amazing photos.


Selfies are a fun and creative way to capture memories, but safety should always come first. With the help of new technologies and a focus on safe practices, we can reduce the risks associated with selfies. Let’s embrace these innovations and enjoy taking photos without putting ourselves in danger. Remember, the best selfies are safe selfies.

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The author is the editor-in-chief and a black American woman and travel blogger who has lived South Korea and Germany as a military spouse.

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