ATV in Mijas: Andalusian Thrills at AvenTouralia Tours

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A Memorable First Ride in Malaga

Riding an ATV around Mijas with Zain from AvenTouralia Tours was unforgettable. The town’s white-washed buildings and narrow streets transported me straight into a traditional Andalusian postcard. Surrounded by typical Andalusian-style white walls, and with the sea and green hills in the backdrop, it was the ideal scene for my first ATV adventure. The hour-long tour with AvenTouralia took us through the picturesque hills of Mijas. With every twist and turn on the ATV, we were greeted with stunning views, the kind that seem even more magnificent from the back of a buggy.

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A Scenic Ride Through the Hills

Riding an ATV with AvenTouralia was an experience I’ll never forget. The journey took us on an exhilarating ride through picturesque landscapes that seemed to belong in a painting. We were greeted by the stunning vistas of the sea, framed by the vibrant colors of haciendas in shades of coral, pink, and terra cotta. Luxurious homes, complete with in-ground pools, nestled within vast estates where horses and sheep roamed freely. A quaint interruption momentarily paused the serenity of the scene – a herd of sheep crossed our path, their bells ringing a melody that harmonized with the salty breeze.

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The Diverse Terrain

The varied terrain we traversed made our Adventouria adventure all the more thrilling. The natural path led us through a tapestry of breathtaking scenery – from steep inclines that offered panoramic views of the mountains to rugged dirt and gravel roads that cut through lush vegetation. Fields covered in a blanket of yellow flowers stretched out before us, while wisteria vines danced in the breeze overhead. The presence of puddles along the route added an element of surprise, prompting us to heed our guide’s advice to lift our feet and avoid getting wet.

First Time on an ATV

For someone who had never ridden an ATV before, this journey was a steep learning curve. Starting off with caution, I soon found myself facing the challenge of maneuvering through the unexpected elements of the trail. A particularly tricky dip in the road tested my skills, nearly sending me veering into a tree. This close call served as a valuable lesson in the importance of maintaining a firm grip and control over the vehicle at all times. A few days later, I still feel the pain from the wheel rolling over my ankle. It’s still a bit swollen.

Embracing the Adventure

The ATV ride with AvenTouralia was more than just an excursion; it was an immersion into the heart of the landscape and a testament to the spirit of adventure I still feel at 57. Each turn brought a new discovery, each hill a new challenge to overcome. It was an experience that not only tested my abilities but also allowed me to connect with the natural world and challenge my daughter one-on-one.

The adventure left me with not just memories (and a bruise) but also lessons learned about the importance of adaptability, awareness, and respect for the environment. It’s an experience I recommend to anyone looking for a unique way to see the backroads of Mijas.

Practical Information from AvenTouralia

Before you set off on your ATV journey through Mijas, remember a few practical tips. Ashley advised me to wear shoes. I didn’t mind getting dirty, which was invaluable. The roads can be dusty, and I sometimes find it hard to see the buggy ahead through the dust clouds. Here are some more tips to enhance your experience:

  • Dress Appropriately: Consider wearing a bandana to protect your face from dust. They’re available at the Adventouria office for 2 euros. Sunglasses are also a must to keep the dust out of your eyes, even under the helmet provided.
  • Maintain Distance: Don’t follow the buggy ahead too closely due to the dust.
  • Preparation: The company offers an air compressor to blow off excess dirt from your clothes. Bringing a change of clothing, however, is a good idea.
  • License and Lessons: A valid driver’s license is required to ride. For those who cannot drive, riding as a passenger is available at no extra cost. Plus, the staff provides a brief but helpful driving lesson before departure.
  • Driving Tip: Turning your entire upper body when turning is crucial for control.
  • AvenTouralia has 1, 2, and 3-hour Quad tours available.
  • I traveled abroad to Malaga to ride an ATV and make sure they were licensed and safe.

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Feeling ready to try ATV driving in Malaga after reading this?

I hope my experiences and some cool photos have made you excited to give it a go. Got questions about ATV driving in Malaga? Just leave a comment below, and I’ll answer as quickly as I can. Thanks for reading, and happy adventuring!

Off-Roading-ATV-in-Mijas ATV in Mijas: Andalusian Thrills at AvenTouralia Tours

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