3-Day Las Vegas Itineraries: Me, My Bae and My BFF

3-Day Las Vegas Itineraries- Me, My Bae and My BFF

Whether it’s sprinting off for a romantic getaway with my bae, a fun Girlfriend Weekend with my BFF, or a solo weekend to renew the mind, body, or soul, Las Vegas has never let me down. There’s plenty to do in this city of sin in the desert. Not all are x-rated, but these 3 […]

Virtual Reality Travel: Embracing the New Normal

Virtual Reality Travel- Embracing the New Normal

As a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic, the world is seeing travel restrictions like never before. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got frequent flier miles. However, it doesn’t matter if your country’s passport allows you to travel seamlessly across the world. It doesn’t matter if your savings Is stacked up in your bank account. The […]

Travel Teaches– 6 Ways we Learn About Ourselves

Travel Teaches-- 6 Ways we Learn About Ourselves

I have always been a student of history and other peoples. I find travel inspiration in books, films, and my very own vivid imagination. But I’ve learned the most from interactions with real people— walking in their footsteps–experiencing their foods, wines, and music. Travel teaches us that we are more alike than different. And as […]

Jenny Dawn Cellars Urban Winery in Wichita

Wine glass at dinner

Jennifer McDonald is no stranger to crushing things. As the owner of Jenny Dawn Cellars in Wichita, she is crushing competitions, stereotypes, and a few grapes too. And she is doing this while introducing premium wines to the next generation of wine lovers also. This post is sponsored and/or contains affiliate links, from which I […]

Wanderful Membership Connects Female Travel Bloggers

Wanderful Blogging Conference Presenter

Two years ago, I saw one of my favorite bloggers would be speaking at a conference for female travel enthusiasts. So before I could think about it, I registered to attend and booked a flight to the Wanderful Women in Travel Summit. I am thrilled to say I met her and so many other creators during that conference. But I got so much more I than I ever imagined. Even though I can’t go anywhere right now, I’ve got a Wanderful Membership– a passport to the world.

Military Spouses Travel Solo– Pamplona Spain

military-spouses-solo-travel-journeys-pamplona Spain-running-of-the-bulls

Travel has always been one of the best military spouse benefits. Fortunately, the military creates opportunities for Military Spouses to Travel for Solo Fun. It’s the week of San Fermin in Pamplona, a.k .aΒ . the Running of the Bulls, and it’s one of my fondest travel memories.

15 Things You Need To Know Before Going to Rochester, New York

Lilac Festival in Rochester New York

What to Expect in Upstate New York Welcome to Rochester, New York, a city with weather that can be as quirky as it gets! If you’re here in May, get ready for some wild surprises. One day, you might find yourself waking up to a picturesque snow-covered landscape, and the next day, you could be […]