Korea’s Tea Museum– More Than Tea in Boseong

Korean tea museum in boseong

We stumbled upon the Korea’s Tea Museum after seeing a sign at the turnoff to our intended destination–the Boseong Tea Plantation. Happy accidents like this make travel unpredictable and sometimes ends up being the highlight of the day. We walked into the museum not knowing what to expect. We didn’t know if the exhibits would have English translations or if we’d spend a few walking around looking at pretty pictures.

Holiday Celebrations: Boseong Annual Light Festival

Boseong Tea Plantations South Korea light festival

We ended up parking along the railing at a overlook of the valley below. Steven pulled behind the last car, making sure to put enough distance behind it and us to maneuver out when it was time to go. He looked back and said there wasn’t enough room for more than one car to fit in behind us. And we settled in for an hour to wait for the sun to go down.

A Day Trip to Boseong Tea Plantation and Museum

Boseong Tea Museum Gold Statue

There aren’t any rides at this theme park, and you’ll enjoy it on your own speed. The only thrill you’ll receive is the thrill of accomplishment after climbing to the top of the mountain and enjoying the view of the entire plantation. But there are a lot of exhibits on the calming and medicinal uses of green tea and plenty of spots to enjoy the scenery on a beautiful day.

The 4-D Experience: Watching Star Wars in a South Korean Theater

4d movie theaters in sk

4D theater in South Korea offers a unique cinematic experience by combining traditional movie viewing with sensory effects that engage the audience on multiple levels. These theaters typically feature motion-enhanced seats that move and vibrate in sync with the action on screen, along with special effects like wind, fog, strobe lights, and even scents…

How to Avoid Food Poisoning in Thailand

Thai street food vendor Thailand

You also notice it’s sitting out on a long table, exposed and unprotected. You wonder exactly how long it’s been there, how many flies have landed on it and whether it will bring you more pain than pleasure. Don’t leave your common sense at home. If it doesn’t look, taste or smell right, don’t eat it. Just so you know, we never got sick and we ate everything, so go for it…

Eating Pizza Like a local with a Knife and Fork in Germany

eating with a knife and fork in Germany

Every country has its quirks, peculiarities, social etiquette that contributes to its overall culture. Some are reasonable, some from an outsider’s perspective, can seem odd. But it’s adopting these habits into daily life, even if only temporarily, that make living abroad fun, rewarding and unpredictable. Some, like eating pizza with a fork, is just eating like a local.

Patong Beach: Nightlife, Lady Boys and Street Food in Phuket Thailand


Don’t take anybody’s word for it. Patong Beach is a lot of good-natured fun. I booked my plane tickets three months before my hotel. And I changed the reservation after reading more about the location of the various beaches and proximity to nightlife. We decided we wanted to be within walking distance of a lot […]

Tteokguk Soup and the Korean New Year Festival

tteokguk Korean New Year

But after a few words and pointing to the intercom they understood my question. But they just kept saying tteokduk. Then one of them made an eating gesture, something about traditional and asked me to follow him. So I did.