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Finding your Tribe in Korea: How to Make Friends in Daegu

making Korean friends- road trip accidental friend

Over the past eight years, my journey of getting to know a different culture and immersing myself in Korean traditions has proven to be an eye-opening and rewarding experience. During my time in South Korea, I’ve had the good fortune of making some wonderful Korean friends. However, amidst these connections, I’ve observed the existence of certain cultural barriers that sometimes make it challenging to forge deeper connections. It’s quite surprising that despite having a few close friendships, my exposure to Korean weddings has been limited to just one, visits to Korean homes have been infrequent, and meeting a Korean husband has been a rarity.

black women in south korea

Black Woman in South Korea: Life in the 97%

Living in South Korea as a black woman can be a challenging experience due to unique obstacles such as beauty standards that favor light skin, difficulties finding suitable clothing and hair products, and navigating stereotypes and discrimination. Despite these challenges, I remain committed to breaking down these prejudices by sharing my experiences and connecting with other black women.

My Journey with K-Beauty: Finding the Best Products for Black Skin

I love Korean skincare products. But if I’m honest, before I moved to South Korea, if I washed my makeup off before bed, I was doing good. I wore lotion, but I didn’t have a skincare routine. Or I needed one. You wouldn’t know that now because I’m a skincare junkie. And while I don’t use all these products daily, here are some of my favorite Korean skincare (K-beauty) products for anti-aging, hyperpigmentation, and skin brightening.