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Life in the biggest city on Earth Tokyo

Tokyo: Exploring the Biggest City on the Planet

Pickup a map to make sure you are buying the correct ticket or you may be blocked from boarding the train. Having access to all three will make travel easier below ground, but you can get around the city using only the metro, as long as you are diligent and plan accordingly. Like traffic above ground, the trains and the walking patterns run reverse to what you are used to. There are signs to help you if you forget.

Craving Fake Food on Kappabashi Street

Shopping for Faux Food on Kappabashi Street

Ok, I admit it. From time to time, I find a few things more interesting than other people. Delve into the distinctive treasures of Kappabashi Street, home to remarkably lifelike food models. Crafted with the needs of travelers in mind, these models act as invaluable companions, aiding you in identifying menus across the globe, especially in places where the local language might be unfamiliar. These faux foods are great companions to menus and a cool souvenir from your travels to Japan. Kappabashi Street has become an off-the-beaten-track attraction for tourists looking to mingle with the locals, and that’s one of the reasons it made my list of must-sees.