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Petals in the Breeze: Frangipani Flowers of Laos

Do you ever look down when you walk? You can’t help it in Luang Prabang because it’s like walking on a carpet of flowers. This post is a change-up from what I usually write. I just got back from an amazing trip to Luang Prabang in Laos. That place truly engaged all my senses, but what stood out the most was the smell. That is a testament because my sense of smell fails me a lot, but not in Laos. There, I could smell everything. The flowers, in particular, were incredibly pungent.


Travel Souvenirs: 9 Creative Ways to Document Your Travel

Some people collect shot glasses, others collect Starbucks mugs, t-shirts or spoons. I collect magnets and Christmas ornaments. I love that they are tiny and inexpensive. I get transported every time I go to the fridge and I love reminiscing during the holidays. Just look on the back to make sure it wasn’t made in Taiwan or China or you’re likely to see it again and again on your travels.