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Golden Temple in Kyoto

Land of a Thousand Temples: Kyoto Japan

Kyoto at first glance doesn’t appear to be a traditional city. Kyoto Station is modern and surrounded by other modern buildings… just like any other city. It has modern conveniences just like any other city. It’s one of the only places you’ll see women in traditional kimonos and no one stops to stare. It’s a land of a thousand temples and where traditions flourish alongside cell phones and everything else modern.

Life in the biggest city on Earth Tokyo

Tokyo: Exploring the Biggest City on the Planet

Pickup a map to make sure you are buying the correct ticket or you may be blocked from boarding the train. Having access to all three will make travel easier below ground, but you can get around the city using only the metro, as long as you are diligent and plan accordingly. Like traffic above ground, the trains and the walking patterns run reverse to what you are used to. There are signs to help you if you forget.

10,000 Reasons to Visit Kyoto

10,000 Temples: Top Reasons to Visit Kyoto

The temple shrines are guarded by statues of Foxes which are believed to be “messengers” of Inari Okami. The statues hold a symbolic item in their mouths or beneath their front paw—most often a jewel and a key, but a sheaf of rice, a scroll, or a fox cub are also common. Almost all Inari shrines, no matter how small, will feature at least a pair of foxes, one male and female, usually flanking or on the altar or in front of the main sanctuary.

military spouse relaxing at Hidden Bay Ulsan

Living in South Korea and Traveling Asia

I was very excited when I found out we would be heading back overseas. The idea of living in South Korea intrigued me. I lived in Korea many years ago as a child. So I immediately began researching Daegu. I looked for blogs that could provide some insights for what to expect. But I couldn’t find any that were very helpful. Moving to South Korea came with the expectation of exploring Asia. I decided to be the research I was looking for. Here, I share some valuable travel tips and ideas that I have learned while living in South Korea and traveling across Asia.