Raohe Street Market: Exploring Taiwan’s Best Night Market

Raohe Night Market in Taiwan- featured image

Stall after Stall: Navigating the Culinary Treasures of Raohe Night Market

The Raohe Night Market is just one of the night markets in the city. Raohe Street Market, situated in Taipei’s Songshan District near Ciyou Temple, is easily recognizable by the distinctive Ciyou Temple arch marking its main entrance. The market boasts a straightforward layout, extending for several blocks with stalls lining both sides. This bustling night market offers diverse savory and sweet dishes, creating a great place for locals and tourists to eat. And we explored the entire Raohe Night Market, dodging puddles in intermittent heavy rain.

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Songshan Ciyou Temple

The facade of the Songshan Ciyou Temple in Taipei is truly captivating. It features intricate designs and vibrant colors that immediately catch the eye. The entrance is adorned with impressive dragon sculptures, symbolizing power and protection. The overall structure showcases traditional Chinese architectural elements, with beautiful carvings and ornate details throughout. The roof, with its ornamental tiles and elegantly crafted eaves, adds a touch of grace and charm. When the sunlight illuminates the facade, it creates a delightful play of light and shadow.

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Exploring The Raohe Night Market 600 Food Stalls

Sensory Overload: Sampling Savory and Sweet Delights at Raohe Street Market

Raohe Night Market is a vibrant and bustling market in Taipei, Taiwan. With over 600 food stalls, it offers a good variety of local foods and a lively atmosphere, including both locals and tourists. The market started in 1987, making it one of Taipei’s oldest and most iconic night markets. And it’s the one I chose to begin our food tour of some of Taiwan’s best dishes. We want to try a few iconic foods, and hopefully, we’ll find a few things that we have never tasted anywhere else in Asia.

We took an Uber from our hotel, the Green World SongShan, which is less than 10 minutes away. Luckily, we arrived just before sunset. The Raohe Street Market is open nightly, seven days weekly, from 5 pm to 11 pm. We pulled up to the entrance just as it began to drizzle. We visited in mid-June, a.k .a. the end of the rainy season in Asia.

Rain is just an annoyance you have to get used to in Asia. And it started to pour soon after. So we strolled through Raohe Night Market during heavy rain. The brightly lit stalls stood out against the dark, cloudless sky. The rain added a unique touch to the experience, as the vibrant colors of the stalls reflected off the rain-slicked pavement, creating a shimmering, otherworldly ambiance.

Taiwan’s Green World Songshan– the best place to stay when you visit Taipei.

Fuzhou Black Pepper Buns

The most famous dish at this market is the “Fuzhou black pepper buns.” The buns are baked in a traditional clay oven and filled with minced pork, green ⁸onions, and a generous sprinkle of black pepper. You can also try the pungent “stinky tofu” and “peanut ice cream roll,” a burrito-style dessert made with shaved peanut brittle, cilantro, and a scoop of ice cream wrapped in a thin crepe. Another delicious Taipei dessert is the infamous pineapple cake– more like a cookie.

Fried Oyster Pancakes

Raohe Street Market’s baby fried oyster pancakes are a savory sensation! Crispy edges encase tender oysters and scallions, fried in an egg-shaped griddle and served with a long toothpick. A must-try in Taipei, this flavorful street food comes with crunchy fried onions. Drizzle on some savory sauce for the perfect finishing touch, and savor the rich layers of taste in this Taiwanese culinary delight!

Deep-fried Chicken

Raohe Street Market’s deep-fried chicken is a colossal treat! It’s a massive, boneless chicken, expertly fried to a perfect golden brown—crispy on the outside, juicy and flavorful on the inside. The fried chicken, wrapped in a paper bag, is anything but greasy. This mouthwatering delight is hot and made to order, generously sprinkling it with a spicy seasoning. The portion is so substantial that it’s perfect for sharing and warms the body on a rainy day in the market.


We strolled the entire market, dodging bouts of relatively hard rain. We both returned to the hotel drenched by the time we got back. Alas, my poor canvas sneakers never dry out. However, we enjoyed the variety of foods at the Raohe Market. Our favorite dishes included the strawberry donut, peanut ice cream roll, and, of course, the massive deep-fried chicken. Also, we enjoyed the egg and oyster omelet, along with the tuna omelet topped with dried fish and cilantro. Afterward, we washed it down with delicious mango juice. However, if tonight is an example of what we will eat here in Taipei, we are both extremely excited for the next four days.

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