What You Need to Know: Canal Barging in Europe

Barging in Europe

You don’t need to get on a multi-story cruise ship where you have to dress for dinner each night. Imagine sailing one of Europe’s lovely canals, lagoons and inland waterways with your traveling companion at the wheel. Barging in Europe allows you to get closer to the people and the landscape.

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table-on-houseboat-in-France What You Need to Know: Canal Barging in Europe

Canals and River Barging in Europe
Cruising Canals

Barging in Europe Allows you to take in the sights along the shore at a slow, relaxing pace. And stop whenever you get the urge to stroll through the fragrant vineyards of Burgundy. Quench your thirst at a quaint pub in Stratford-upon-Avon. Or bike down a tree-lined avenue in the middle of nowhere in particular. It’s a chance to practice my French.

Your onboard kitchen allows you to cook the food you’ve picked yourself and exhale deeply as you enjoy the sunset watching waterfowl from your waterside front porch. I can’t think of a better way to spend a long, romantic weekend with my soldier.

All-inclusive Floating Hotel
Customize Your Cruise

A Barge is an all-inclusive floating hotel. The boat gently glides along the water. Residents enjoy gourmet meals, delicious fine wines, guided tours, and the company of fellow passengers. Choose from specialized vacations such as cruising on the Thames between Hampton Court and Henley-on-Thames or coast through the Loch Ness and the Scottish Highlands.

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No License Necessary
Training Included

Exploring inland waterways on a barge is a popular holiday option in European countries. You don’t need to be an experienced boatman to take the wheel, and you don’t need an exclusive license either. Part of the fee you pay to rent barges and narrowboats goes to training you on operating the boat—you’ll learn everything you need to know before setting off.

When & Where To?
France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and the UK

If you’re wondering where to take your waterway vacation, consider France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, England, and Scotland, countries that are especially conducive to this kind of travel. There are endless routes, depending on the time you have available and what you want to see. Prices vary, depending on the time of the year you want to make your trip, the size and amenities available, and the more people a boat can accommodate. The highest demand occurs in July and August, so plan accordingly.

Price for Barging in Europe

The price will also vary by country. Average rents for a self-driven vacation range from $1000 a week for a boat that sleeps four to $5000, per person based on double occupancy, for deluxe accommodations on a hotel barge.

To learn more about renting a barge or narrowboat and barge options, contact a travel agent or go to www.gobarging.com or www.bargeconnection.com, where you’ll find numerous companies specializing in this type of vacation. You might also like reading about cruises for seniors.

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River-Barging-Vacations-in-Europe-683x1024 What You Need to Know: Canal Barging in Europe


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      I just recently had my first small boat experience in Vietnam on a junk boat cruising Halong Bay. It was amazing, I’d definitely do it again.

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