How to Find Travel Blog Topics When You Aren’t Traveling?

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I wish I didn’t have this problem, but since my funds are not unlimited and my husband is literally and figuratively holding down the fort here in Texas, topics don’t always fall into my lap. We can’t all quit jobs to travel full-time and honestly, sometimes it feels good to come home. But we also need to find travel blog topics when we aren’t on the road too.

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BLD192758 How to Find Travel Blog Topics When You Aren't Traveling?


How to find travel blog topics when you aren’t traveling?

I emphasize trying to find what it is about travel that energizes us and find that stimulus closer to home and money doesn’t fall from the trees just cause you to have a blog either. The struggle is real ya’ll!!

The military has us moving a lot which is different than traveling. And while I love the opportunities I have to see this world— there’s something to coming home to live the life you find on the road. It’s about taking those things that make us happy and applying them to everyday life, right?

Here are 12 of my favorite resources on how to find travel blog topics relevant to write about when I’m not traveling or out of ideas:

1. Writer’s block is a great time to support my fellow bloggers and see what they are talking about. I get great travel topics when I am not traveling.

2. I read your comments here at Duffelbagspouse Travels. Follow up questions are an excellent source of future FB or blog posts.

3. If you don’t have an account on Quora, you are missing out. It is a community where every question you can and cannot imagine is asked and answered. It can also be a source of entertainment– some of the questions and answers are hilarious. I don’t post a lot, but I do troll the message board for trending and/or interesting blog ideas.


4. I like to scan what #hashtags are trending on twitter. Sometimes it’s not even about the 45th President. I also follow some really good travel bloggers there too.

5. Create blog post opportunities by interviewing subject matter experts in your niche, local officials/celebrities, other bloggers or your readers.

6. What is Traveller, Military Spouse, or Conde Nast Magazines talking about? What’s trending on Huffington Post Travel or Lifestyle? How do they find travel topics when they aren’t traveling?

7. Write about your tangential experiences. Are you searching for a job, new sponsors, or blogging resources? Have you attended a conference, read a great book or seen an inspiring movie? What’s Changed in Your Hometown?

Update Old Posts

8. Update an old blog or FB posts. Something may happen in the news that makes past posts relevant again with a little re-vamped information or new images.

9. Create a picture, quote or tip of the day. You never know you may create a meme that goes viral.

10. Create a work of fiction. I have been writing a book for years. Every now and then, I’ll pluck something from it and include it on my FB page to keep it interesting at the Peters household.

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11. I’ll get off the sofa and visit the local parkswineries, shops, festival, and restaurants. These experiences can be just as interesting if you approach them a certain way, connect with the people who work there and are able to communicate them to your readers.

12. I keep my ears open. There is nothing more fascinating than human nature and people, bless their hearts, will always provide material that will amuse, surprise and terrify you on a daily basis.

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  1. Krystle Cook

    Travel bloggers always seem to be on the move but it is so true that they aren’t. These are some great tips for them.

  2. ashley denae

    these are some great tips! I like to re-do old blog post with updated info or make a post about destinations I plan to visit!

  3. Anne Yedlin

    These are amazing Ideas. I will be using some of them myself. Thank you! I’m trying to get away from just posting about products so this definitely gives me something else to go on.

  4. Milton Goh

    These are great ideas to get the blogging inspiration going! I mostly write on parenting, movie reviews and Christianity so I’m usually thinking along those lines and most of the time ideas come to me when I’m relaxing. Like when taking a shower haha!

  5. Jen Walker

    I’ve never really thought about writing for a travel blog and having to plan for when you can’t travel. I know I sometimes get inspiration from other bloggers as well so I’m glad to see it on the list!

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