Christmas in South Korea– 6 Amazing Places to Celebrate the Holidays

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6 Amazing Places to Spend Christmas in South Korea

As the holiday season approaches, the desire to escape the familiar and embrace the magic of Christmas in a new setting grows stronger. South Korea might not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking of Christmas destinations, but if you have a penchant for dazzling lights, enchanting Christmas tunes, and a vibrant festive atmosphere, it should definitely be on your radar. The following six cities in South Korea have many incredible attractions for a memorable Christmas getaway. In this article, we’ll explore six incredible cities to spend Christmas in South Korea, maybe even Asia. Each one offering a unique blend of natural beauty and festive spirit.

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Jeju Island

Winter in South Korea

Jeju Island stands out as an enchanting Christmas escape, offering year-round color, natural beauty and winter activities that are distinct from the mainland. Popular spots like Camellia Hill, Yeomiji Botanical Garden, and Spirited Garden showcase stunning landscapes, from volcanic craters to coastal wonders. Stepping away from Seoul’s hustle, Jeju provides warm hospitality, festive decorations, and unique attractions for an unforgettable holiday.

The Jeju Light Garden, open year-round, includes a photo studio with professional lighting. The island hosts the Jeju Winter Festival, featuring winter-themed photo zones and mini-concerts. The Weihnachten Christmas Museum in Andeok-myeon offers a year-round Christmas experience, while a transformed bunker in Seongsan becomes a gallery of light, showcasing immersive media art. Jeju’s vibrant red camellia blooms in winter, symbolizing hope. Visitors can also find something tasty at one of the oceanside restaurants or cafes for a uniquely Jeju holiday experience in South Korea.


Busan is a fantastic place to spend Christmas! This bustling coastal city is one of our goto spots for a vibrant holiday experience. Known for its modern cityscape, beautiful beaches, and lively atmosphere, Busan adds an exciting twist to the festive season. Picture celebrating Christmas with the city lights as your backdrop and exploring iconic spots like Haeundae Beach or taking a stroll through the vibrant Gamcheon Culture Village. Busan’s energetic ambiance comes alive during the holidays, with festive decorations and a blend of contemporary and traditional celebrations that includes amazing fireworks.

The locals and the fusion of urban and coastal elements create a Christmas experience in South Korea that’s both lively and culturally rich. Whether you’re checking out local markets, enjoying beachside Christmas light displays, or indulging in the diverse culinary scene, Busan promises a Christmas filled with a unique kind of magic and the lively spirit of a coastal metropolis.


Pohang offers a different vibe with its own charm and unique attractions. Known for its industrial prowess and scenic coastal beauty, Pohang provides a refreshing twist to the holiday season in South Korea. Skip the usual Christmas routine and explore the city’s modern landscape alongside its picturesque beaches. While not as historically rich as Gyeongju, Pohang makes up for it with a vibrant energy. The city gets into the festive spirit with lively decorations and a mix of contemporary and traditional vibes. Picture celebrating Christmas with ocean views and exploring places like Homigot Sunrise Square or taking a stroll along the scenic Jukdo Beach in South Korea.

How about a visit to the dragon temple or dining on King crab for Christmas dinner? Grab a coffee and delicious pastry at one of the stunning oceanside cafes. Pohang’s friendly locals and nature create an off-the-beaten trail Christmas experience you won’t ever forget. No matter what you do, Pohang promises a Christmas filled with a different kind of magic and a cool coastal breeze.


Lastly, Mokpo is an excellent choice for a Christmas getaway! Straddling the southwestern coast of South Korea, this charming port city offers a unique blend of maritime allure and cultural richness. As you escape the hustle and bustle of the more urban settings above, Mokpo provides a relaxed and authentic holiday experience. Imagine celebrating Christmas with the sea breeze in the air, exploring places like Yudalsan Park or taking in the coastal views at Gatbawi Rock. Remember to ride a glass-bottom cable car across the ocean.

Mokpo brings a coastal charm to the holiday season with local decorations and a mix of nautical and festive vibes. Book a hotel on the beautiful boardwalk for tons of photo opportunities, entertainment, and street food. Open your windows for the nightly musical fountain performance. Whether you’re strolling through local markets, enjoying seaside festivities, or indulging in fresh seafood, Mokpo promises a Christmas filled with a different kind of magic. Whether exploring the local entertainment, enjoying coastal views from the air, or simply taking in the sea breeze, Mokpo delivers Christmas magic for all ages in South Korea.


I love Namhae anytime of the year. Located on the southern coast of South Korea, this picturesque island offers a different vibe than Jeju. Enjoy the scenic beauty of Boriam Temple or take a leisurely drive along the breathtaking scenic roads. They showcase the island’s coastal cliffs and rolling hills, lifting the spirit with each turn in the road. Talk a walk in the sky with a see-through floor and go for a swing. Namhae adds a festive spirit with local decorations and a blend of coastal holiday vibes. The warmth of the locals and the integration of island life create a Christmas experience that’s both distinctive and relaxing.

Exploring Namhae’s charming villages, like the iconic German Village, adds a cultural dimension to your Christmas celebration. The Village has a rich history, pensions, cafes, German-inspired restaurants, and photo opportunities. It may even host special holiday events or decorations contributing to the festive spirit. Nestled amidst tiered rice paddies, Daraengi Village invites you to explore its charming walks. The tea fields in this village paint a mesmerizing landscape. The lush green tea bushes seamlessly meet the ocean’s deep blue all year round.


I’ve lived in Daegu. And I can confirm Christmas in Daegu is truly enchanting, seamlessly fusing the city’s urban vitality with festive joy. Nestled in the heart of South Korea, Daegu offers a one-of-a-kind and bewitching atmosphere during the holiday season.

The city, surrounded by awe-inspiring natural landscapes. They include majestic mountains, verdant forests, man-made lakes, and mikes of riverfront transforms into a picturesque canvas for Christmas celebrations.

Thousands of lights decorate Dongseongno Street, the bustling pedestrian epicenter of downtown Daegu, bursts with lively energy and festive adornments. Take a leisurely stroll along this iconic street. The Christmas spirit radiates through vibrant window displays and the twinkle of seasonal lights. Indulge in delightful window shopping or explore the diverse array of shops and boutiques that contribute to the festive ambiance.

Cafe hopping around Suseong Lake offers a delightful and cozy experience. Immerse yourself in the lake’s tranquil beauty adorned with holiday decorations. Move between cafes and absorb the festive atmosphere. The harmonious blend of urban sophistication and natural serenity creates a distinct setting for celebrating the holiday season. E-World becomes an essential destination as night descends with its mesmerizing light displays. The cityscape transforms into a dazzling spectacle, providing a magical backdrop for Christmas festivities. Daegu’s skyline, illuminated with holiday lights, adds charm to the season’s celebrations.

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Would you like more inspiration? Although I highly recommend spending Christmas in Seoul– everyone else does too. Step further off the beaten trail and check out the cities of Boseong, Gyeongju, Paju, and Yeosu. Each city offers a unique vision of good old Christmas spirit- you won’t be disappointed. Have you visited one of the above cities before?Let us know in the comments below.

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