The Beji Ubud Resort

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You know you are somewhere special when you pull up to the indoor/ outdoor reservation desk. The Beji Ubud Resort in Bali is a 4 star resort in the heart of Ubud, Indonesia where you can enjoy the dense jungle views while listening to the monkeys coo and caw from the treetops that surround you and the tropical gardens filled with colorful flora.

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duffelbagspouse-travels-Ubud-Beji1-1024x576 The Beji Ubud Resort

The Beji Ubud Resort

Our Bali Jungle Experience

The room at the Beji Ubud was clean, spacious, and beautifully decorated. There’s also a small elevated seating area in each room for yoga or curling up with a book. Complimentary bottled water set out daily. I woke early every morning with a cup of tea and sunrise yoga on the huge balcony of our room. It was incredibly serene to watch the mist clear from the trees as the sun rose. The rooms are massive with high pitched Balinese roofs which add to the feeling of being somewhere exotic.

The gardens and pools are a real treat too. And the attention to detail and warm helpful staff made us feel special and right at home.


E07943B0-E3A5-41B1-BEA7-84D837ADD8D3 The Beji Ubud Resort


Remember Bali is Mostly Jungle

My husband was not as big of a fan. He did not like the jungle setting because there are so many insects. The rooms are rustic and –as you’d expect– quite open to the elements. And one got into the room one night. He heard it all night and could not relax. I suggested they placed netting around the bed to keep the mosquitos out at night.

Ubud-Beji-Infinity-Pool-1024x576 The Beji Ubud Resort

Amenities at the Beji Ubud

Take a yoga class, enjoy a relaxing massage at one of the famous spas nearby, or schedule an instructor to meet you at your own convenience right on the resort property. A free scheduled shuttle service takes guests from the Beji Ubud to Central Ubud 3 times a day. Or do what we did and hire a private car to see all the sights Bali has to offer.

Wind down with a tropical drink by the pool or at the resort bar before retiring to your comfy bed and the night sounds that lure you to sleep– because remember, you are in the jungle and the jungle is very much alive.

beji-ubud-resort The Beji Ubud Resort

Breakfast at Beji Ubud

Enjoy the bountiful breakfast included in the price of the room. The complimentary breakfast on the other hand was limited but amazing. The #bejiubudresort offers free Wi-Fi in common areas, 5 outdoor pools overlooking the valley below, and the waterfall in the distance.


The City of Ubud

No trip to Bali, Indonesia is complete without a day or two in Ubud. The city of Ubud is just a quick stroll from the Beji Ubud. Or take a quick taxi or complimentary shuttle ride for some of the fresh local, traditional food the city is known for. Ubud has a lot of cultures. Ubud’s popularity continues to grow, adding on the hoopla created by the bestselling book and movie Eat, Pray, Love. It’s home to some great restaurants, cafes, and streets of shops. There are several artisans, museums, local performances and many of Ubud‘s attractions will round out your stay.

9195CE9C-0BA7-4A9F-9C97-16DA10CE97C7 The Beji Ubud Resort


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  1. Sharon

    Your review of the Beji Ubud Resort in Bali makes it sound like a great spot to visit, with so much to do.

    Great pictures, very envious. Have to look into a trip there now.

    Cheers Sharon…

    1. duffelbagspouse

      I hope you do. I can’t believe I actually went there either. If you had said I was going to Bali 5 years ago I would have thought you were crazy. It is so freaking beautiful, I do hope you get there too.

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