Top 6 Must Haves for Booking a Quality Budget Hotel

village albert court hotel entrance

Budget Singapore Hotel: The Village Albert Court Hotel We don’t exclusively search for “budget” hotels, I look for a quality hotel at a certain price point. We’re all about smart spending, but I am not easy to please. The idea is to free up more of our budget to spend on experiencing what the destination […]

Songdo Beach: My Happy Place in Busan

I rarely wade into water deeper than my ankles. I know how to swim, but I’m not crazy about the other stuff, like fish, that can swim too. However, there’s an undeniable magic in the sound of the waves, the aroma of the sea, and the texture of sand beneath my feet and between my toes. I’m drawn to a serene beach atmosphere, one without towering skyscrapers, opulent hotels, or bustling crowds. A casual beach walk is my kind of activity, regardless of the season. The option to stroll along the boardwalk, experience a glass-bottom cable car, or go for a mountain hike while keeping the ocean in sight is pure joy. That’s why Songdo Beach in Busan is my happy place.

Where Culture Meets the Sea: Huinyeoul Cultural Village

Huinyeoul Cultural Village me colorful stairs

A Taste of the Mediterranean in Busan Are you a fan of picture-perfect spots? Then, Huinyeoul Cultural Village in Busan is a must-see. Picture standing on coastal cliffs. Imagine this: you’re standing on coastal cliffs, the breeze is just right, and unfolding before you are views that are pure joy for your heart. Now picture […]

Top Must-See Taiwan Sights with Klook Tours

Balloon launxh in Jiufen

I really dislike group tours, whether it’s in Taipei or anywhere else. The idea of being part of a group, traveling with strangers, makes me feel uneasy. However, private tours are often expensive, which adds to my frustration. So, when I found a tour on Klook that covered all the places I wanted to visit in Taipei, and it was affordable at 41,000 KRW or $31 USD per person, I had to make a compromise. Despite my dislike for group tours, I decided to book it because I didn’t want to spend more money that could be used for another trip. It wasn’t ideal, but I had to go with it. So I booked the tour to Yehliu Geopark, Jiufen, Shifen, and the Golden Waterfalls for the day after tomorrow.

Niu Rou Mien: Taiwan’s Beef Noodle Soup

first-time-visit-taipei-food-guide beef noodles

The Ultimate Street Food Nestled in the back alleys in the Da’an district of Taiwanese beef noodle soup (Niu Rou mian) is one of Taiwan’s most beloved comfort food. Now it’s one of my favorites too. This post is sponsored and/or contains affiliate links, from which I earn a commission at no extra cost to […]