9 Ways Mindfulness Helps You Thrive

Dbs yoga studio in the Bali jungle

Everyone handles stress differently. Mindfulness helps relationships in a few different ways. I tend to lean on mindful meditation, exercise, and writing– here on my blog and in my journal. And it works for me. Mindfulness is the process of being completely present in every moment. And while meditation is a great way to practice mindfulness, virtually any activity you do can help you become more mindful. Here are nine ways to thrive by being mindful.

Why Transformational Travel is Going Viral

Travel Teaches-- 6 Ways we Learn About Ourselves

The nature of travel is changing for lots of people. Travel has always been a way to escape the daily grind. Getting away is an opportunity to renew, restore, and refresh from the routine, the redundant, and the ridiculous. However, transformational travel takes getting away a step further. Often, experiential travel is travel with a […]