Liquid Art Winery in Manhattan Kansas

Liquid Art Winery in Manhattan Kansas

The symmetry of the vines and the individuality of each grape and leaf appeals to my quirky nature. Add a view with rolling hills and a chilled white wine— that’s Liquid Art.

Fort Riley, Kansas: My First Impressions of the Community

Fort Riley Community First Impressions 

PCS to Fort Riley, check. We signed the lease. And now we are the newest residents of Manhattan, Kansas, a city in the Flint Hills of Kansas. My first impressions of Manhattan and the Fort Riley community aren’t as bad as I thought. But living in an empty house is no fun, so we’ve been […]

House Hunters Fort Riley, Kansas

house in Fort Riley Kansas

We’ve moved. We have PCS to Fort Riley Kansas and we’re looking for a home. Our needs are pretty simple, our wants— not so much. Four days in, it looks like a compromise on both is going to be the only way we move out of the Candlewood Inn. Here we go again, we’re looking […]

11 Travel Wear Essentials Every Traveler Should Pack

11 Travel Wear Essentials

There is no way to know exactly what to pack. I usually get there and realize that I forgot something. I generally start from a basic packing list. Then, I make outfit decisions based on the temperature and time of year, my itinerary as well as the local customs. And although, my style doesn’t change when I travel, my needs during travel are pretty different from my needs at home. Here are my 10 travel wear essentials.

Road Trip: How to Lose Weight While You Travel

Military spouse hike scarf blowing

You guys know I am in the process of moving. I’m also in the process of a month-long road trip. And I am looking for another job. And oh yeah, I’m trying to lose weight. Any one of the above is a recipe for weight gain. So far, I’ve lost about 35 lbs from exercise […]

Top 10 Rochester New York

Top 10 Rochester New York

Rochester, New York sits on Lake Ontario an hour between east of Buffalo, west of Syracuse and south of the Canadian border. And very far from NYC. Ultimately, Rochester is also well-known for its historical contributions. It was a haven along the Underground Railroad into Canada. In addition, it was headquarters for the suffrage movement. Top […]

The Digital Tour Guide Approach to Travel Blogging

digital tour guide

The Digital Tour Guide Bloggers are essentially online tour guides. This post outlines how both guides create itineraries, present content, and set the mood. Consequently, the more we consider ourselves Virtual Travel Guides, the more we can connect with our readers and the content we write. Bloggers essentially serve as online tour guides. As we […]

New York Wine and the Finger Lakes Annual Wine Festival, July 26-28th

The Finger Lakes Wine Trail

Finger Lakes Wine Country is home to three distinct wine trails, each offering exciting wine and food pairing events throughout the year. It’s also home to the Finger Lakes Annual Wine Festival. Spectacular Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Noirs attract wine lovers from all over the world. And New York State is now one of the largest wine […]