What I Learned from the Military Influencer Conference

What I Learned from the Military Influencer Conference

If I thought I was just going to come back home and continue to work on my business alone, I was wrong– dead wrong. I am overwhelmed by the follow-up from some of the military spouses, Veterans and sponsors I met over those two days in Dallas. We have built some solid networks and I know that when its time for #milblogging18, I’ll be ready to roll.

The Blogger’s Compromise: Privacy

The Blogger's Compromise Privacy

I am keenly aware. To be a good blogger, I have to maintain a balance between good, relevant content and how much of my personal life I share with you —the readers. Blogging usually includes the family in some way. And this is regardless of their willingness to participate. Good bloggers strike a balance between […]

How to Find Travel Blog Topics When You Aren’t Traveling?

Ulsan Museum window house

If you don’t have an account on Quora, you are missing out on a great resource for blogging topics. It is a community where every question you can and cannot imagine is asked and answered. It can also be a source of entertainment– some of the questions and answers are hilarious.

Experience the Signature House Special at Darband Bar & Lounge

The House Special at Darband

A hookah, also known as a water pipe, features a bowl for holding tobacco, a pipe, and one or more hoses for inhaling the smoke. Available in various sizes and styles, hookahs are popular worldwide for their leisurely smoking experience. Many enthusiasts argue that smoking from a hookah offers a more relaxed alternative to cigarettes. However, this raises the question: Are there any drawbacks to this method compared to cigarette smoking? Intrigued by these considerations, I decided to explore this further by trying the House Special at Darband, a well-known hookah lounge.

Hiking the Gorman Trail at Colorado Bend State Park

Colorado Bend State Park

One of the best hiking trails in Texas is in the Colorado Bend State Park. It’s a 90-minute drive northwest of Round Rock. I hiked the Gorman Falls Trail, including scenic vistas and one of Texas’s most beautiful living waterfalls. Honestly, I was inspired by a few pictures I saw online. So inspired, I laced […]

How to DO San Francisco on the Cheap

San Fransisco wharf- king crab

One of my my favorite childhood memories was a trip to Redwood Regional Park, an East Bay gem full of second-growth Redwoods. It provides a peaceful break from nearby city life and has a variety of hikes and bike rides. 

My Top Ten Things to do Solo in Malta

red blue military spouse in Malta

Each conqueror leaving behind little traces of its architecture, food, religion, language and art all across the islands. I was lucky enough to spend 5 days exploring all the above this summer and here are 10 of my favorite adventures in Malta.