30 Ways to Travel Without Leaving Home

30 Ways to Travel Without Leaving Home

And then it dawned on me. I realized it’s much more than the above. I realized it was more than just the sum of the experiences, the places I’d been or the things I’d seen. It was how it made me feel. And then I realized that I can experience a lot of the same sensations without hopping on a plane, train or boat… right in my own neighborhood.

Hiking the Apsan Kosangol Valley Trail in Daegu South Korea

After consulting the map I decided to hike up to the Kosangol Valley because it would take me past the Mud Crack Ripple Mark and Dinosaur Footprint. Keep in mind I had no idea what either of those markers on the map would entail or whether or not I’d be able to discern them once I had arrived.

My Favorite Spots to Eat and Drink in Daegu

Daegu Food and Drink Hidden Gems

I really had no idea we would eat (or drink) out as much as we do. We wanted to live downtown, so we could walk out the door into the mix and that’s exactly what we did for the first 8 months we were here. We still eat out a lot, its good and cheap and now that its just the two of us, its pretty easy too.

Daegu Off-post Housing and Apartment Guide

Daegu Housing Guide

Are you PCS to Daegu? I created this Daegu Off-post Apartment Guide so you would have information about off-post housing, housing options in Daegu, amenities, schools, and the city of Daegu. I remember when we learned of our PCS to Daegu South Korea. Here is a ton of options, with pictures, for American style apartments in Daegu.