OinK: Only in Korea Jjimjibangs & Gangnam Style

jjimjibang spa in South Korea

OinK: Only in Korea Jjimjibangs & Gangnam Style Now that I’ve been here a little while, I’ve noticed that many of my first impressions still hold up to be true. Only in Korea or OinK–  good, bad and indifferent. I am enjoying my new temporary home and getting as acclimated as I possibly can. But […]

What’s UP with the Peace Sign in South Korea

peace sign in South Korea (1)

They are doing it all over Korea. They do it in China. And even though I won’t see it for myself until next month, I suspect they are doing it in Japan too. And contrary to what I’ve read, its not just the school girls. The guys do it to look cool, usually keeping it low and to the side, while the girls do it to look cute, either framing their face or straight up. Now, they’ve even got me doing it too.

What to Expect: 4-Day Group Tour to Beijing China

4-day group tour in Beijing

First impressions about Beijing… it’s BIG!! Really big. More than 250 million people live in the city and its surrounding suburbs. Imagine that. There are only 50 and 322 million people living gin the entire countries of Korea and the United States respectively.

The Skinny on Peking Duck at Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant

peking duck in China

Peking Duck at Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant Our last meal in Beijing concluded with Peking Duck at Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant. It is rarely prepared at home because it is considered a celebratory meal. It is a famous dish that has been prepared in every corner of China since the imperial era and made a […]

Take the Great Wall Off My Bucket List

Great Wall of China

I was a freaking kid climbing those darn stairs– an old one– but a kid nonetheless!! It was something I’d dreampt about my whole life and I’m paying for it now. I can hardly move but it was worth it a thousamd times over for the views, the bragging rights and the exercise!! Look the Mongolian horde… oh no its just the bloody Brits.

Knockoffs and Mandatory Group Shopping Tours in Beijing

Shopping trips in China

Mandatory Group Shopping Tours in Beijing The Rebel in me talks a lot of smack about the high-pressure mandatory shopping trips the Chinese Government forces tour groups to go on. And shopping in Beijing can be intense. Yes, the Silk Market is high stress, a man-handling, chaotic swarm of knock off Gucci, Fendi, and Prada […]

Your Guide to Federal Employment: Application Tips

Steps for Applying for a Federal Job- featured image

Steps for Applying for a Federal Job My apartment is set up. Everything I do from now on will be tweaking how I use the small but beautiful space. Our VPN is working and I can stream videos and order from JC Penney’s. I met a few of my neighbors, even received a couple of […]