Why Wine Collecting by the Case Makes Sense in Germany

wine by the crate

I noticed a bottle of Riesling from my stomping ground– Mosel Valley It cost $70. I couldn’t believe my eyes. This was something I drank for less than $10 when I lived in Germany. I dusted it off and put it back on the shelf where it belonged. I love wine, but I ain’t crazy.

Dead on the Autobahn- How I Killed My Husband’s BMW

autobahn travel

BOOM and a puff of smoke. Was that us?? A moment later the car died on the side of the road. I coasted the once mobile BMW down the hill and off the autobahn near Saarbrucken. Get out of the car I screamed at the top of my lungs– to myself. Because both my companions […]

How to Road Trip 3 East European Countries with Girlfriends

Danube River travel

After 3 whole days of partying, sightseeing and goulash in three different countries—jamming to YMCA in a Vienna taxi, a dance off in a Budapest nightclub and photo-bombing a bride and groom on the cobblestone streets of Bratislava, yes Bratislava, we hadn’t heard of it either. Now we were finally feeling the affects of what will henceforth be referred to as the Rock Star Weekend.

How Rome Made Me Ready for Study Abroad at Oxford

Roman history

On a whim, I entered an essay contest in my final year of college to attend the University Oxford. And I won. Initially, I thought having Oxford on my resume would open doors to me upon graduation. While I’m sure it didn’t hurt, the doors it opened weren’t necessarily career oriented.

Why I Ran the Paris Half Marathon With My Husband

paris louvre museum

My first half marathon was in Paris. I still can’t get over that. I chose a starting time that was terrible. By the time I started the winner was making this way into the park on the other side, so by the time I finished everyone was long gone.

My Roman Holiday: Why You Should Always Apply to Study Abroad

gray and brown concrete building

My Roman Holiday: Why You Should Always Apply to Study Abroad In the spotlight for the past 3000 years, Rome, Roma, also known as the Eternal City, is a lively city with reminders of its past around every corner. You will encounter the glories of Ancient Rome, medieval and Renaissance buildings and fountains, great museums, […]