Christmas in Spain– Driving from Seville to the Cliffs of Gibraltar

Christmas in Spain Marbella and Costa del Sol Part 6 (1)

We spent 4 days and Christmas in Seville. We were told we would be closed. However, we were pleasantly surprised and delighted to find they were wrong during Christmas in Seville. Initially, we were warned that many establishments would be closed during the holiday period. However, to our pleasant surprise, Seville proved to be bustling […]

Gibraltar: Is it Spain or the United Kingdom?

monkey in Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a small English territory that straddles the edge of Spain and the Strait of Gibraltar, a 9 miles stretch of ocean that separates the continents of Europe and Spain. An entry point from which the Moors from Morocco sailed and conquered most of Southern Spain now known as Andalusia. This post is sponsored […]