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Top 10 Thailand Attractions

The 20 Most Beautiful Southeast Asia Destinations You Don’t Want to Miss in 2024

Southeast Asia is a repository of natural marvels, cultural richness, and stunning landscapes. Unspoiled beaches and verdant rainforests to age-old temples and bustling urban centers. This region boasts many enchanting locations that beckon travelers searching for breathtaking beauty. The following article will share the top 20 most exquisite destinations in Southeast Asia (I have visited). Each one deserves a prominent place on every traveler’s must-visit list because of its ability to enhance your life. Prepare to be enthralled and inspired by the captivating, beautiful off-the-beaten-track destinations.

how to visit a temple

How to Visit a Buddhist Temple

Do not touch the monks unless you ask or they touch you first. This is especially true for women. You should also be aware, some temples are not open to women. Do not be offended. Women were allowed in these temples at one time. Women were banned because they menstruate, soiling the mats. Unfortunately the modern day conveniences of tampons has had no effect on the prohibition. Women are still considered “unclean”.

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Couples Guide: Top 10 Things to do in Siem Reap Cambodia

I can’t believe Angkor Wat has never been considered one of the wonders of the world. It doesn’t have to be a wonder of the world to leave you lost for words. You know, I am a big history buff and I am never happier than when I’m walking in the footsteps of history, tracing my fingertips along the hard, cold stone or trekking through the doorways of ancient & often mysterious monuments.

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Living in South Korea and Traveling Asia

I was very excited when I found out we would be heading back overseas. The idea of living in South Korea intrigued me. I lived in Korea many years ago as a child. So I immediately began researching Daegu. I looked for blogs that could provide some insights for what to expect. But I couldn’t find any that were very helpful. Moving to South Korea came with the expectation of exploring Asia. I decided to be the research I was looking for. Here, I share some valuable travel tips and ideas that I have learned while living in South Korea and traveling across Asia.