Job Hunting in Fort Riley Kansas

Job Hunting in Fort Riley Kansas

I started job hunting in Fort Riley. There are a lot of resources available to help in the search. First, military spouses job hunting at Fort Riley should attend employment readiness training. It is held at Army Community Services (ACS). Also, ACS provides training on completing the Federal Job Application and using Finally, the application is the very first step in the Federal job search process. And it’s also a great way to get acquainted with the Fort Riley Community hiring practices.

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Job Hunting in Fort Riley Kansas

Although I don’t know much about the job hunting process here, I am learning about the Fort Riley or the surrounding Junction City, Ogden, or Manhattan communities. With limited opportunities, we need to get creative. However, I’ve learned from 20+ years as a military spouse. Attitude is everything.

Update: There are currently 75 jobs on USAJOBS for Fort Riley. However, that number has been steadily increasing. Consequently, make sure you create an account and set up notifications so you’ll stay informed.

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Army Community Services
Fort Riley Military Spouses Job Hunt

The Employment Readiness Program provides employment assistance to military spouses on Fort Riley. And the workshop is always open to members of the Army Family. Possible participants include military spouses and dependents, Retired military. Reservists, Active Duty Soldiers, and DoD ID cardholders are also eligible.

First, I attended a briefing on employment and PCS to Fort Riley. Army Community Services (ACS) holds employment orientations every Wednesday. All orientations take place from 1-1:45 in the ACS building. However, registration is not required.

I also signed up to attend the Federal Job Application Workshop. The workshop is held on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month. Register early because of the limited space. It takes place at 1 pm in the Victory Center next door to ACS.

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Volunteering Opportunities
Military Spouses Love Their Communities

Similarly, volunteering is an excellent way of finding permanent employment. I met Andy in the Public Affairs Office after I inquired about a job. The public affairs office is responsible for the Fort Riley newspaper. And it seems like there is a real possibility I can find permanent employment. 

I found most job resources online. However, the Federal Job Application Workshop is one of the best resources for military spouses. The workshop teaches applicants how to use the website. It’s the portal for all Federal jobs.

Finally, Benita, the instructor, teaches the differences between the civilian and Federal resume. Therefore we learn about keyword searches. We also learn that the key to getting selected is the questionnaire. Print out both versions of your resume (if you have them) for some quick feedback. Also, feel free to bring your laptop for more of a hands-on approach.

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  1. Gladys

    The job market here in Manhattan is pretty good. There are lots of jobs available, however the wages is low. Many people work ft for $10 pr less.

    1. duffelbagspouse

      I agree Gladys. It’s really a hit or miss job market. Yes, there are jobs if you want one, but hopefully, you have some special talent, certification, or training to ask for top dollar. If you are a military spouse, don’t hesitate to ask for money in lieu of health care.

  2. duffelbagspouse

    I am also noticing a lot of service related-businesses take application on site, so you may want to give them a call.

    1. Stacey

      You can find a job without going there, but it is a definite when you get into town for the insight into the local job market.

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