What You Need to Know Before Attending a Korean Wedding

Korean wedding etiquette

So what do you need to know before attending a Korean wedding? Good question. I checked out a few youtube videos just to see if I was in for some serious culture shock. Turns out, not really. Naturally, there are a few differences, but nothing too strange, except that the first stop you make before […]

My Journey with K-Beauty: Finding the Best Products for Black Skin

I love Korean skincare products. But if I’m honest, before I moved to South Korea, if I washed my makeup off before bed, I was doing good. I wore lotion, but I didn’t have a skincare routine. Or I needed one. You wouldn’t know that now because I’m a skincare junkie. And while I don’t use all these products daily, here are some of my favorite Korean skincare (K-beauty) products for anti-aging, hyperpigmentation, and skin brightening.