Kid-friendly Activities Near Fort Riley

child jumping into body of water

Got kids and want to do something fun you and your kids will enjoy? Then you’ve come to the right place. In addition to the zoos, parks, and bike trails, in Manhattan, you’ll find activities packed with history and learning opportunities. There are several Kid-Friendly activities near Fort Riley in the Flint Hills of Kansas […]

Why do Americans Fear Everything?

Why Americans Fear

A few days ago I had a passing conversation that bothered me. Someone posted “a problem” in a Facebook group. She said that after making her profile public, she was getting a lot of friend requests from the Middle East. And now she was concerned for her family’s safety. I get that the world is […]

The Best Shopping in Istanbul Turkey

The Best Shopping in Istanbul Turkey

Shopping for Turkish souvenirs in Istanbul, Turkey can be fun, cheap, historic, and delicious. Street vendors, shopping malls and centuries-old markets sell treasures that will remind you of your travels. Whether it’s something fun, edible or just pretty, shopping in Istanbul is an adventure you won’t soon forget. 

Best Ethnic & Locally-Owned Restaurants in Manhattan KS

Why Americans Fear (2)

Thankfully, you don’t have to eat in a box in Manhattan, Kansas if you don’t want to. Skip the chain and fast-food restaurants. Here are 6 of the best ethnic and locally-owned restaurants in the Fort Riley/ Manhattan area.   The Best Locally-Owned Restaurants  Fort Riley, Manhattan and Junction City Kansas  There aren’t a ton […]

#SoftLife Living Like You’re on Vacation Everyday

Live Like You're on Vacation

It’s simple really. Make your home someplace you’d write home about. Why not live like you’re on vacation all the time? I decided to bottle the energy and vacation state-of-mind for use when I got home. To enjoy every day at least as much as my latest trip. After all, the majority of our lives are not spent on vacation. And if we’re not enjoying each moment, what’s the point? 

Military OPSEC Tips: How to Make Your Blog Compliant

How to Make Your Blog OPSEC - featured image

Hey Military Spouse Bloggers— has your husband come home after receiving a OPSEC compliance briefing on your blog? Lol, we’ll both admit to being a bit nervous. I had no idea anybody was reading my blog for security reasons. I dabble in a lot of things— travel, food and wine, the military lifestyle, etc… But admit […]

The Best Home Inventory Apps

The Best Home Inventory Apps

One of the hardest things about a PCS move is keeping track of all of your belongings and staying organized. Using a mobile app is a great way to deal with both of these issues. Here are six useful home inventory apps you can install to make your move less stressful.   Home Inventory Home […]

My Fight With Depression and Suicide

Fighting Depression Get Help Be Help Someone Needs

It might surprise some that I survived not one but two deep depressive episodes. Depression is a serious condition many of us have to deal with. However until recently, especially throughout the military, it was considered a weakness. Your mental health, like your body and soul, needs exercise too.