Travel Doesn’t Change You But it Should

Black travel experiences

One of the most misguided opinions about travel is that travel will change you. It’s a lie. Some travel is like a diet pill. Travel won’t change you simply because you travel; you have to put in some work. You can collect a thousand pretty little stamps and come back the same ignorant, prejudiced, and […]

My Top 5 Travel Mistakes and Regrets

travel problems with fixes

They say you should never have regrets. But if we’re lucky, we get to spend 70+ years on this planet. And it seems inconceivable that we don’t regret some of the mistakes we make. I have regrets in just about every facet of my life– love, work, play, and family. Why not travel? For the […]

Beyond Napa– 5 Other Wine Regions to Visit

Napa Valley trip

The United States boast a remarkably robust network of wineries, wine trails and wine-related activities. Wine tourism is alive & well in places like Sonoma and Napa. But also in new emerging wine regions around the US that are less well-known, but just as good– or better. 

Cruising Italy’s Prosecco Wine Road

prosecco wine in Italy

Sparkling wines are delicious. And I’ve tasted them in wine regions all around the world. I’ve had them in beautiful places like Napa, New York, France, Italy and Germany. But few offer the stunning natural landscapes and level of hospitality like the Prosecco Wine Road

Layover Road Trip to Chicago Navy Pier

layover in Chicago

I’ve never been to Chicago. Well, technically, I’ve been to O’Hare a dozen times. But I never left the airport. We drove in yesterday and decided to check out one of its iconic landmarks— the Navy Pier. Take a ride on the Centennial Wheel or river cruises. Visit the Children’s Museum or watch a play at […]

Buying Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Souvenirs in Turkey


There’s long standing history with aromatherapy and essential oils in Turkey– the practice of using extracted natural oils from the flowers, stems, leaves and roots of plants. Their ability to affect well-being can be both psychological and physical. Therefore, it makes perfect “scents”

Where to Find The Best Scenic Views in Istanbul

Turkish scenic views

The Best views of Istanbul include the iconic cityscape– mosques, palaces, minarets, and the boats skipping across the waves of the Bosphorus. Istanbul straddles Europe and Asia on the Bosphorus Strait. Its Old City reflects cultural influences of the many empires that once ruled here, making it world-class for history lovers. 

Night Long Layover Night Tour in Istanbul from Turkish Airlines

Istanbul night tour

We land at 4 pm— a half-hour past the free tour offered by Turkish Airlines. That sucks, I’ve taken one of those tours before, and they are pretty good. But we’re not out of luck. There is another night layover tour we’ll catch that’s not free. Watching Istanbul go from dusk tonight on a night […]