Travel Souvenirs: 9 Creative Ways to Document Your Travel


Some people collect shot glasses, others collect Starbucks mugs, t-shirts or spoons. I collect magnets and Christmas ornaments. I love that they are tiny and inexpensive. I get transported every time I go to the fridge and I love reminiscing during the holidays. Just look on the back to make sure it wasn’t made in Taiwan or China or you’re likely to see it again and again on your travels.

An Afternoon at the Flat Creek Winery and Vineyard


Ask for a sample of either the Sparkling Raspberry or Sparkling Almond. We were lucky to sit next to new friends Anna and Linda who requested a sample from their server. I gotta say, they are both yummy, but that Sparkling Almond, has a slight resemblance to Almaretto, without being heavy– its crisp, but sweet taste lingers on the tip of your tongue.