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Get Your Comfort Food in Busan

Where to Get Your Western Comfort Food in Busan

Busan has great food. Every now and then I crave something that’s really savory like a thick and juicy hamburger that is not smothered in a sweet sauce. I want something I didn’t cook myself, have to guess what it is, comes on a stick or was alive two minutes ago. There are restaurants that serve French, Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Spanish Tapas and of course Korean BBQ– a little something from every corner of the globe.

Life in the biggest city on Earth Tokyo

Tokyo: Exploring the Biggest City on the Planet

Pickup a map to make sure you are buying the correct ticket or you may be blocked from boarding the train. Having access to all three will make travel easier below ground, but you can get around the city using only the metro, as long as you are diligent and plan accordingly. Like traffic above ground, the trains and the walking patterns run reverse to what you are used to. There are signs to help you if you forget.