Secret Wine Discounts Exclusively for Military in Napa Valley

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Navigating Napa: A Military Guide to Wine Discounts

We walked into V. Sattui expecting to pay $15 each for a wine tasting. Surprise, surprise… V. Sattui comps the $15 tasting fee for active-duty military personnel (and me too). It turns out the weekend was full of comps because V. Sattui isn’t the only one in Napa Valley that appreciates service members with Free or Discounted Wine Tours for the Military in Napa. We walked away with military discounts totaling $ 200 in savings and a lot of free wine.

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Free or Discounted Wine Tours

Free for Military in Napa

With so many wineries in Napa Valley, there must be more wineries that offer free or discounted wine to active duty military, but here are the four we got to visit last weekend.

If you know me… “do you have a military discount?” usually accompanies any purchase I make, so to find out there is a whole new way for me to enjoy wine takes me to my happy place. I tend to ask for discounts all the time. All they can say is no. And this is an excellent opportunity to tell them why they should.

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Charles Krug

2800 Main St, St Helena, CA. (707) 967-2200

Charles Krug is one of our favorite winery tours/ tastings in Napa Valley. The winery also comps the classic tasting fee of $20 for active-duty military. The tasting included five wines, both reds and whites, sweet and dry. We were treated to two extra tastings of reserved wines.

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On a side note, Charles Krug Winery is owned by Robert Mondavi and is the oldest winery in Napa Valley. Enjoy daily tastings from 10:30-5, which can be combined with a 90-minute tour of the winery. I liked how tastings were personalized at a small table instead of the bar area and could be combined with cheese and crackers.

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Domaine Carneros

Domaine Carneros Winery is stunning and the 2nd of 4 wineries in Napa with a military discount. It also offers active duty military members 10% off any tasting menu item and merchandise. I suggested reservations, but we were able to get seated right away without one. Reservations are suggested.

20170513_060508-1024x576 Secret Wine Discounts Exclusively for Military in Napa Valley

Domaine Carneros is located on a beautiful piece of land overlooking the undulating vines of grapes. There are three tasting flights: sparkling wine, red wine, Chateau Sampling, and Grand Tasting. However, unlike all the other wineries, I enjoyed a full champagne flute of the bubbly stuff. All the flights are $30 except the Grand Tasting, which is $40. The sparkling wine tasting included four wines.

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Note: the winery is currently undergoing some restroom renovations. Facilities are located in a truck onsite.

1240 Duhig Rd, Napa CA 94559. 707-257-0101

Did you know… the only reason it’s called sparkling wine, not champagne? It wasn’t produced in Champagne, France… it’s the only place it can be designated as champagne.

Secret Wine Discounts Exclusively for Military in Napa Valley 

Hall Winery

401 St. Helena Hwy South, St. Helena, CA 94574. (707) 967-2626

Hall Wines offered the greatest savings we experienced in Napa, comping the insanely expensive $40 per person tasting fee. A tour of the contemporary winery is also available.

Like all the other wineries, the staff member worked hard to find a wine I really liked, but it leans towards Pinot Noir and Cabs, my husband’s favorites, not mine. She poured me a glass of dessert wine that was yummy. So, I took the time to sip and stroll around the grounds.

The tasting room at Hall Wines is modern and beautiful, with floor-to-ceiling glass windows that look out at the vines and a pretty seating area, fountain, and some statues. There is a very lively atmosphere in the room. #HallWines #NapaValley

V. Sattui Winery

1111 White Lane, St. Helena, CA 94574. (707) 963-7774

V. Sattui Winery had to be our favorite winery in Napa Valley for several reasons. First, the wines are DELICIOUS. Secondly, it was the first winery we realized we could get a military discount in Napa Valley. Thirdly, we were treated with such respect and kindness. And lastly, the deli is amazing; Steven can’t stop talking about the chicken pesto sandwich we ate not once but twice last week.

V. Sattui Winery is open from Sunday through Saturday From 9 am to 6 pm V. Sattui offers free wine tastings to active duty military in the marketplace tasting room. The flight includes five vintage and estate wines, usually costing $15 per person. The winery is open every day of the year (except Christmas Day) and from 9 am to 5 pm during the winter.

There is a picnic area with umbrellas on the grounds where you can enjoy your chicken pesto sandwich and a bottle of wine.

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  1. gren

    Napa Valley is a most famous place for the US near California and Napa Valley famous for wine producing and it has many small and big yards of wine. It also has most famous factories who make the wine. Its wine famous all over the world.The Napa Valley Wine Train is a vintage locomotive and traveling restaurant running through the valley. Next vacation i should come here and visit the all famous places

  2. Grace E

    Great article, thank you for sharing! Another winery that surprised me with a 2 for 1 tasting was Frog’s Leap. Normally tastings are $25 each, their patio and garden views are beautiful, highly recommend!

  3. Alcoline

    Great to see that Napa Valley offers Free Wine. It is definitely a must-visit place. Thank you so much for sharing this one because I for myself is a wine lover. 🙂

  4. Brad

    Inglenook offers complimentary tasting for Active Duty members as well and is one of the fanciest wineries we’ve visited in Napa. It has it’s own security gate that only lets people in that are “on the list”. Francis Ford Coppola’s winery will not disappoint.

  5. GiGi Eats

    I am not a wine-o but I have a lot of them in my life! I am so not classy, or so I feel, because it all tastes the same to me! I love that NAPA is showing their respect for those who were in the military by sharing free wine with them! 🙂

  6. Katja

    I blame you for just completely changing my plans for this years holiday. It just looks amazing. I’ve always wanted to visit a vineyard and that looks so perfect.
    Katja xxx

  7. kioandlew

    I always want to do a wine tasting but I don’t think we have wineries in my area. I am a wine lover myself and it’s good when I can try different wines. And the winery in Napa Valley sounds great.

  8. Elizabeth O.

    I think it’s really nice that you found places in Napa Valley that gives free wine to military families. It’s a nice gesture. I’m sure you had fun!

  9. Kaitlynn

    that’s one thing we’re excited for when we move back stateside…so many military discounts. No idea where we’re going but if it’s somewhere near Napa Valley we’ll definitely check it out. we love wine 😉

  10. Miranda

    You honestly had me at free! And then to top it off wine oh amazing!
    I love wine. My girls and I are going away this summer, close to the napa valley, I can’t wait. Am hoping we get to explore!
    Thank you for listing all these places

  11. Corinne & Kirsty

    This pictures are amazing! the place sounds amazing! looks like a great tasting! xx corinne

  12. Shannon

    I don’t drink wine, but I love companies that support military. It’s also great that you pointed this one out so military members know about it!

  13. Claudia Krusch

    I think it is an amazing thing to offer it free to Military Personnel. I will have to share this with a few Military friends of mine.I would love to go on a wine tour.

  14. Elizabeth

    I’ve visited a winery in Napa Valley many, many years ago. Such a wonderful experience! I thought it was quite odd that there were so many wineries in the area but none of the locals drank wine!

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