Top 6 Hiking Trails in Daegu to Unleash your Inner Explorer

Stacey dbs hiking in Daegu

I love having Apsan Mountain. But there are so many hiking trails in Daeguย at my doorstep. And many of the mountains are less than 2 hours away. Layer up people, hat, gloves, warm socks~~ none of these Korean mountains are FLAT!! You might find yourself strapping that jacket on your backpack too. This post is […]

Toe-tally Worth it: The Real Deal on Surgery in Korea


Let me put your mind at ease if you’re contemplating surgery in South Korea and have concerns about the pandemic’s impact. I recently had foot surgery at Daegu’s Yeungnam University Medical Center and spent four days there. Everything went smoothly throughout my experience, from pre-operative preparations to the surgery and post-operative care. The hospital’s International […]

Laser Treatments: Hyperpigmentation & Black Skin in Korea

Laser Treatments Hyperpigmentation

South Korea is known for skincare products and dermatology. But I am a black woman living in South Korea, and I thought my skincare needs could not be met. I am so glad I was wrong. There are many opportunities for sistas with dark or black skin to get laser and other dermatology treatments for […]