Tips for Military Spouses Re-entering the Job Market

Choices Hair Salon Daegu Working Military spouses

I haven’t worked full-time outside the home in a few years. But I want a job. I have things I’d like to do that require funds and the whole “dependent” blanket I’ve been wearing up to my eyeballs is wearing a little thin these days. I want—scratch that, I need a job. But it’s not for lack of trying that I don’t have one. I have applied to quite a few of them until recently. I have been a victim—a victim of my own short-sidedness.

Your Ultimate Guide to Recycling in South Korea

recycling in South Korea

South Korea has taken bold steps to reduce the country’s carbon footprint. Unlike America where all the recycled goods are heaped into one bin, recycling in South Korea is a pretty involved process that includes separating aluminum from glass, batteries from Styrofoam and even vinyl bags from plastic ones and they are plainly marked in both English and Korean.

It’s PCS Time– Stay Positive, It’s Time to Go

military PCS move time

Every PCS is different. It’s way too easy to focus on all the stress, uncertainty, career and relationship challenges we have to overcome to live a life that’s positive and full of gratitude. Growth occurs when we make the effort to see the obstacles for what they really are– life lessons and opportunities to live in real time and not the past or the present.

Always Waiting on Military Orders to go Somewhere

waiting on military orders (1)

I love a good mystery. Don’t you? Here we are, a little over two months from our deros (departure) date from South Korea and we are still waiting on orders. We have no idea where we are going next. You would think after more than 20 years, I’d be used to the hurry up and wait mentality of the military.

Hiking Gatbawi on Palgonsan Mountain

hiking Apsan 3D trees

That’s when I discovered we hadn’t even started the trail yet and I knew we were in for a climb to Gatbawi. Then we saw the them… the infamous rock stairs. There are literally thousands of them carved into the 3 hr hike up an 80 degree mountain face of Palgonsan Mountain. You can take the stairs or you can take a much longer, much less strenuous winding trail up to the top.

Welcome to Daegu: Life as an American in South Korea

Living in Daegu South Korea

Daegu, South Korea is the 3rd or 4th largest city in South Korea depending on whether you consider Incheon part of Seoul or not. With more than 2.5 million people Daegu, ideally situated between two mountain ranges, Seoul and Busan. It’s home to the 19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command’s Fighting Eagles, a division of the United States military and the reason why my husband’s here, which is why I’m here.

Home Away from Home: My Daegu Apartment Experience

My Apartment in Daegu South Korea

Inside My Home in South Korea I walked into this apartment in Daegu, South Korea, and instantly felt like I was home. All I wanted was a modern apartment with a view. It had to have at least four bedrooms and a lot of light. Bonus points for a balcony, anything not near one of […]