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madonna-di-campiglio-1400195-640x480 Ski Vacations in South Korea

Do you know that 2018 Winter Olympic Games will be held in Pyeongchang?

South Korea may not be your first choice for a skiing holiday, but if you’re a beginner or haven’t strapped your boots to your bindings in a while… it’s the perfect place to take a few lessons or get your ski legs back.

Ski Vacations in South Korea

Many of the resorts are within 3-4 hours from the capital city of Seoul. This offers easy access to weekend trips to the slopes. However, the closer the resort is to Seoul, the lower the mountains and the shorter the slopes and the runs. In addition the more likely you’ll be skiing on the artificial stuff and with the crowds.

The typical ski season starts mid-December through the end of February.

Despite its southerly latitudes, Korea experiences a fairly severe winter. Temperatures can dip as low as -20°C during the winter months. Due to South Korea’s location on the North Pacific edge, winters are usually long, cold and dry.

More than three quarters of South Korea is covered in mountains. The country has 17 ski resorts on the peninsular, with three distinct ski regions.

Gangwon-do, Seoul Metro and Central Korea. 

The Pyeongchang region in the Gangwon-do province is ground central for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, with 9 distinctly different ski resorts to chose from.

Alpensia Resort, will host the games. It will also be the site of the ski jumping, cross-country, luge, bobsled and biathlon events. The Olympic village for athletes will also be built at Alpensia.

However the majority of the alpine events will take place on the neighboring slopes of Yongpyong and Phoenix Park.

Yongpyong sees an average annual snowfall of 250 centimeters, far greater than any other resort. It also enjoys the longest ski season, from mid-November until March or April. During the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics, Yongpyong will host the alpine competitions.

Phoenix Park will be the site for the snowboarding and mogul skiing. The facilities are great and the slopes are perfect for beginners, making the overall experience a good one. Accommodation ranges from dorm style rooms to condos to suit any traveler’s needs. Rentals are available at the resort or at the many shops around the area.

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