duffelbagspouse-China-Acrobats-Show-backflips-1024x576 Beijing Chinese Acrobatic Show

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One of the most popular tourist attractions in Beijing, China is the Flying Acrobatic Show where young acrobats and circus performers seem to defy gravity, perform acts of unbelievable strength and daring “hit or miss” feats that leave spectators on the edge of their seats.

Chaoyang Theatre is one of the best places to witness the artistry and magic of Chinese acrobatics while on holiday. The performers are highly trained and the show is entertaining and light-hearted.

Utilitarian words like high chair, drum, and umbrella, take on a new meaning on the stage as a young acrobat climbs a hill of metal chairs, very near the ceiling while balancing himself and the chairs in ways that that appear will topple at any moment. Tumblers fly through the air, through hoops and over one another’s heads—all to the beat of a drum. And young girls hang themselves on a large “handle” as they balance the weight of their bodies by their teeth.

The finales vary, but often involve feats of daring. Impact is how the theater describes the motorcycle show where two riders enter a huge steel cage at the center of the stage. The audience starts off quiet, but the tension and the excitement rise as every few seconds another cyclist rumbles onto the stage until there are 8-10 riders zigzagging their way around the inside of the metal ball, lights and horns blazing above the loud music. It’s great fun for children of all ages.

The theatre is located at 36 North East Third Ring Road in the Chaoyang District, but many tour operators offer discount tickets and provide transportation to and from the show. It is also accessible by car, subway and the rapid rail transit system. Two shows are performed nightly at 17:30 and 19:00. Ticket prices will vary, starting at 220¥ or about 33 USD, based on the proximity to the stage. No cameras or photography of any kind is permitted during the performances and souvenirs are available at the conclusion of the show.

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